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Sunday, September 28, 2014

What Are Boomers Blogging About?

     Baby Boomers are concerned about momentous events and real news, from the historic to the sociological to the economic.

     It may not surprise you that Baby Boomers, above all, are focused on themselves -- which may explain why I, as a Baby Boomer, write a blog about the comings and goings, the interests and intrigues, of none other than the Baby Boomers. And for those of you who are not Boomers -- and I know there are a few people in America who are not Boomers -- well, maybe you have an older or younger sibling who is a Boomer, and so you can become an honorary member of our exclusive and very special club.

     Okay, I hope you sense a little tongue-in-cheek. But seriously . . .

     Laura Lee Carter, the Midlife Crisis Queen, who, yes, is a bona fide Boomer, says she hopes everyone was able to see "The Boomer List," an interesting and insightful American Masters TV program about growing up Boomer.
     American Masters: The Boomer List, which premiered on Sept. 23 on PBS, tells the story of our "influential" (ahem ... see I told you) generation, born between 1946 and 1964, through the lives of 19 iconic boomers—one born each year of the Baby Boom.

     By the way, who did they interview from your birth year? For me it was actor Samuel L. Jackson. So I don't think I'm in bad company.
     As if to prove the "exceptionalism" of the Boomers, Modern Senior takes on Ken Jennings, who is decidedly not a Boomer (born 1974). Modern Senior points out that social media (Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, born 1950, was one of those interviewed for the Boomer List) can be a blessing or a curse. Different sites have proven to be powerful platforms that can raise awareness about current events, media censorship and other important issues.

     The trending twitter hashtag #heardwhilstdisabled, exposing society's bias against those with disabilities, was just picking up steam when Ken Jennings, famous for being the champion of the quiz show Jeopardy! sent out a controversial tweet that was offensive to many -- and defended by some. Read his tweet, and weigh in with your thoughts at Is Ken Jennings Not So Smart After All?

View of Flight 93 crash site from the memorial
      Meanwhile, Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting spent a few days visiting friends, and on the way home detoured to a memorial for a seminal event in Boomer (and all American) lives: the Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, PA. Baer shares her thoughts about the 9/11 Memorial, a simple but moving remembrance to 40 ordinary people suddenly confronted with extraordinary circumstances. Read the account of her visit at Pause to Remember.

     Finally, on The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes about The Great Recession, and how consumers are finally recovering from that dark economic period and are starting to spend again. She reports on a Survey by Consumer Reports showing that people are now, finally, back in the market for major purchases such as homes, cars, and appliances – and that they plan to spend even more money in the coming year.

     What about you? Are you getting ready to help out the American economy by making a major purchase? I, myself, am not. I still haven't recovered from the 2000 - 2002 recession -- the one brought on by the bursting of the Internet bubble and dealt a second blow by 9/11.

     But B has just stepped into the market for a new car. She's got the bug -- she wants a car big enough to feel safe on the highway, but small and nimble enough to scoot around town. So far she hasn't found just the right thing. But I know B. Like most Baby Boomers (Boomer List interviewed Amy Tan for her year), when she sets her mind on something, she gets the job done!


Anonymous said...

I got new sheets and pillowcases, when we truly need something I try to get the best not to replace it for many many years..We still save we are 66 and 66 respectively my hubs of over 40 years is 67 end of rocktober as I love to call it..Our only is 37 the first week of November, my hubs was 30 when she was born the oldest father in the hospital where we had her delivered, he was happier than the Clintons are with their new grand daughter Charlotte Clinton Mezvesky I hope I spelled it correctly..Everyone in the jewish hospital who was there the day she was born got a chocolate cigar and the nurses and the doctor who delivered her got chocolates Kosher at that, they loved him..the doctor who delivered our only child we would visit when we returned to Denver for visits would say, he never in all his years of being a OB/GYN and delivery doctor saw and knew a new dad like my husband, he told our only child when we returned for visits your Daddy and Mother were the bestest parents he ever had the privilege of delivering a wonderful baby girl to..ever..he is about 92 now and still going strong, long ago retired but works at his many interests and would send our only a birthday card signed from him and the nurses who were there to assist..We have the happiest young adult anyone has ever met..She was born on the hottest recorded November in Denver's weather history made for a very happy babydoll.....Ciao!

Kathy @ SMART Living 365.com said...

Darn! I was out of town during that PBS special. It sounded like it was great and I want to find out who represented my year--1955. Meanwhile, it sounds like there are a lot of great links here to discover and get to know. Thank you! ~Kathy

Florence said...

Hmm, no major purchases planned any time soon but, of course, as soon as I say that something will breakdown, wear out, or need to go to the vet. We are doing our part to keep the travel sector of the economy going next year with a trip to Yosemite and a cruise to Alaska.

DJan said...

Nice to know I can be a honorary Boomer, since several of my siblings are definitely in that generation. I'm just a tad older, but just a tad. I follow the Boomer stuff with interest. I will be able to watch that show about Boomers on my PBS.org app on my iPad, if no other way. You might be able to see the Roosevelts the same way. (Check the link on my website and click "watch videos." I really think they want as many people as possible to watch it, and it's definitely worth it. Probably on Netflix before too awfully long, too. :-)

Tom said...

Kathy -- Click on the link in the post for American Masters: The Boomer List. It has it there.(Hint: her initials are MS.)

And DJan -- Thanks for the tip. I do want to watch it, the whole thing.

stephen Hayes said...

I'm not planning any major purchases, but I did recently sign up for Social Security benefits.

Rita said...

Hi Tom,

Nice job on the Best of Boomer Blogs, as usual.


P.S. I appreciate your good work.

MunirGhiasuddin said...

Hmm Purchase ?The fact is it is not about the economy. It is about having too many things around the house. The more I buy, the less room I have. Also if we conserve, it will not be hard to recover our economy.

Rosaria Williams said...

Purchasing is relegated to essential consumables. Our drug costs use up our discretionary funds.

Anonymous said...

David bought a new 65 inch LED TV (Sony) yesterday. It will be delivered on Oct 7.

Tom said...

Gigi -- Can I come over?

Anonymous said...

The Ken Jennings tweet you are talking about was about the disabled: “Nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair.”

After just watching the full 7 episodes of The Roosevelts, do we all realize that if FDR ran for president today he would not be elected because he would be characterized as a cripple. Nice people, nice. How sad to know that there could be many more people out in this world who would become great leaders, if only we could look past their disabilities.
As for 'The Boomer List' save your time and energy. That show sucked big time. Mostly celebrities tooting their own pompous horns. And then we wonder why the Baby Boomers are the most hated of all the generations?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Ken Jennings, FDR's paralysis didn't affect his sexual desires.

Get a life!

Pam said...

I'm proud to be a Boomer. Every day is a new day, and some days I get up determined to downsize, then the next day I go shopping for more stuff. You can be sure that I don't know what the heck I'm doing, but I'm absolutely thrilled to be alive and having this opportunity to experience retirement. In the words of my wise hubby, "Everything will be all right." Now, I know that's not totally true, but I'm gonna live like it is!

Friko said...

Boomers never had it so good.
Purchases? Aren’t we all living on the breadline?

I fancy a new imac desktop, is that major enough?

Anonymous said...

Every dollar you spend helps the economy. We buy medical supplies, prescription drugs, etc. I also want a new IMac desktop. Instead, I bought sweaters and flannel shirts.

As for a new car, perhaps in my next life. After our car dies, we will take public transportation.

b+ (Retire In Style Blog) said...

Well Tom, my husband and I are 72 and 76. We are updating our home, just refinanced and it will be just fine. We are going to enjoy the rest of our life because we have plenty to take care of ourselves and NO we don't save a lot unless it is for vacation. But then that is just us.

I am not sleeping on frayed sheets, using stained towels or eating expired food. Being sensible is one thing but being penarious is

I suppose I think of myself as a boomer but the truth is I am too old to fit into that group.


Anonymous said...

My husband (64) and I (57) are both boomers. We are ,making the huge step of purchasing our retirement home before selling our current 18 acres. Got my fingers crossed that it works and we will be down to one house by next July. Moving will be a huge expense.
We figured our money wasn't making any money- might as well invest in a house.
We regularly spend money on his hobbies and our children (the grandchildren are my hobby). We will be purchasing a new car when mine dies- something small and easy to get around in. I am hoping mine lasts two years.

Anonymous said...

Hello there -- my wife and I are within 5 years of retirement and we're getting things in order. Early this month, we PAID off our mortgage and we are now living DEBT FREE - -- my questions are listed below:

1. How many people have a mortgage during retirement? We are thinking about having a new home after we retire - - - retirement date: December 31, 2020 -
2. How much is enough ? - - $$$ has been hard to come by and we've been as aggressive as we could be in the area of saving - - to date, we've saved about $900,000 (investments) and we have a pension of about 5K per month - - and we're still working - we currently net 17K per month (that includes my pension of 5K)
3. So, how are we doing? I'm serious - I'm 59 and my wife is 56 -- I'm not sure how we stack up with people in the age group ---

Unknown said...

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