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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hitting the Road

     This coming week I'll be joining the great diaspora of retirees and Baby Boomers who travel around the country, visiting relatives, seeing the sites, going to places they've heard about, read about, dreamed about.

     I'm not as ambitious as some people -- Bob Lowry, for example, who as he reports at Satisfying Retirement, just got back from a 5,000-mile trip halfway across the country. B and I are barely going 500 miles roundtrip.

     Still, we will be traveling this week. And still, we'll hit four states. So I thought I'd do a little something different. Instead of my usual verbiage covering one topic or another that (at least in my judgment) affects Baby Boomers one way or another, I'm just posting a photo -- one suggesting where we are, where we're going, what we're doing.

     Well, we're just starting out, so you know what's going on here . . .


DJan said...

MY husband is leaving for a trip this Thursday and I see a suitcase sitting out in the living room, which he will fill carefully before leaving. He's driving 600 miles round trip in four or five days. Not too different from your excursion. I look forward to your pictures and stories.

June said...

If you'll be covering only four states, the beach bag looks pretty optimistic.
Good luck.

stephen Hayes said...

I look forward to hearing about your adventures. Travel safe.