"The lies we want to believe tell us something about ourselves."
-- Eula Biss, Having and Being Had

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Pumpkin Patch

     Halloween is soon upon us, so B and I take a drive across the Delaware River to a park in New Jersey that holds an annual pumpkin fest.

     We get scared as soon as we arrive!

     We have a pumpkin fest in our town as well, and I'm sure there are thousands of others all across America. But as far as pumpkins go, this is a pretty haunting collection.

     This one is truly CarnEvil.

     A fire-breathing dragon turns up the heat.

     This witch is giving me the chills.

     My, what big ears you have . . . and the nose!

     He has a sinister grin and fierce eyes.

     But this one looks more friendly, a little like Santa Claus. Is he trying to warm us up for Christmas . . . or just hiding something behind that grin?

     Whew, home sweet home! But it looks like we have a few skeletons in our own closet!



ApacheDug said...

Haha--wow those are some great pumpkins! There's some very talented people out there :)

Arkansas Patti said...

Those were really amazing carvings. Kind of liked the benign looking one also.

Debby said...

These pumpkins are each a work of art in their own right. My son and his wife live not far from you in Blandon.

Kay said...

Oh gosh! Now I know it’s almost Halloween! Those are really awesome pumpkin art.

DJan said...

Oh, fun! I love that dragon one, but they are all great creations. Thanks for sharing them. Wow! :-)

Olga said...

What fun! Some people are so artistic, doesn't matter their medium.

Wisewebwoman said...

I love this, how creative are so many people/artists.


gigi-hawaii said...

Spooky! Love those jack o'lanterns. Also that skeleton is hilarious with its hand outstretched in the doorway.

Sue said...

Yikes, some are downright scary :O

Tabor said...

Glad you enjoy the holidays. Kids do not visit here or even drive by so, nothing special at our end, and since we cannot see the grands as often, this will probably be the last.