"An empty man is full of himself." -- Edward Abbey

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Change of Scenery

     We've been told that walking is the best exercise, especially for seniors. So I'm taking a page from DJan-ity's blog and offering a glimpse of a walk we took recently.    

In our neighborhood

     To be honest, my wife B does a lot more walking than I do. She takes a three-to-four-mile route around our neighborhood almost every day. I only walk three times a week -- and that's a good week. Sometimes it's only twice.

I found these fellows downtown

     I find walking kind of boring. I mean, it doesn't take a lot of concentration to put one foot in front of the other. And then what else do you do? Look at the scenery? I usually walk into town, a little over a mile, and it's basically the same scenery every time, even if I do vary the route a little bit on the way there or back. 

One large New Jersey leaf

     But sometimes B and I go farther afield. During the self-isolation of the last six months we've traveled to several nearby towns to walk around and see different sights. We've been to a few local parks. In the summer we drove over to Princeton University, and another day up to Lehigh University, to walk around a college campus.

The reservoir was low

    Some friends suggested we take a short trip over to a park they knew about in New Jersey. So on a warm and cloudy day last week we crossed the Delaware River and turned north up into the Jersey hills. Following their directions, we found Round Valley State Park which surrounds a reservoir outside the small town of Lebanon.

We started uphill. Can you tell?

     The several-thousand-acre park offers swimming, boating, even camping. But everything was closed down except the hiking trails.

Pine trees against a cloudy sky

     We drove in and parked. We walked along the shoreline, then climbed up a path into the trees. We saw a few people down by the water, and passed some other hikers on the trails. But not many, and most were wearing masks.

A shot of red

     It was a nice fall day, and by the time we circled around a small peninsula and got back to the parking lot we had covered about four miles.

The way home

     The outing was nothing spectacular, nothing challenging. But we got out in nature. We got our exercise. We got some fresh air. And now tomorrow, it's another walk into town.


ApacheDug said...

Some very nice photos here Tom--I love that giant cobweb, and as a fellow Pennyslvanian I'm glad to see DJan isn't the only one with those scenic hikes of hers!

But good for you that she's inspired you to walk more, she's motivated me to get outside more too :-)

DJan said...

It looks like a very nice walk. Thanks for the shout out, and the Halloween decorations in your neighborhood. My usual walk is about 3.2 miles from my front door. I often listen to podcasts as I walk the same route almost every day. :-)

gigi-hawaii said...

That's better than me. I can't walk far due to my arthritis.

DUTA said...

Walking is indeed boring. I walk only with a purpose, to get to a certain place.
Some people believe regular walking helps them lose weight. No way1 Only running does have some influence on weightloss, but it's not for the elderly.

Celia said...

Walking is kind of a moving meditation for me. When I was healthier I walked further afield now it's mostly around my neighborhood and the bigger park here. I miss it when I can't get out to do it.

Linda Myers said...

Arthritis keeps me from much walking here in Washington. In Tucson next week, I expect to pick up this old exercise routine again.

Fred said...

Walking is just another example of how different all of us are. For me it is the only exercise I can stick with. I do not like stationary machines. The things I like to look at are the trees, animals and the different ways people update their houses. If something happens to me and I cannot walk long distances I will quickly be in trouble.

Arkansas Patti said...

Liked the park the best especially your pine tree shot. Walking is so great for it takes no special equipment (just decent shoes) and the will.

Kay said...

You're so lucky to have some lovely places to walk though. I'm afraid Oahu is such a crowded island that we'd have to drive pretty far to get to a place we can walk in nature. My daughter in Illinois would laugh at this since we think anywhere farther than 15 minutes drive is too far.

Rian said...

Walking is the only exercise I like... and don't do it enough. True, it's more enjoyable to walk in the woods or around nature than around one's neighborhood, but walking is still good exercise no matter where it's done. And so far, I'm still able to put one foot in front of the other. And with some of the neighborhoods decorated for Halloween, there's a little more incentive.

priscilla said...

I try to get 30 to 40 min in daily. Should do more, but am too lazy! All my blood panels came back all within normal limits, so I’m confident my life is ok!


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Red said...

Well, I think you saw some great stuff in the great outdoors.

Susan Zarzycki said...

I think walking is less boring when we have a walking buddy! 💖

Kathy @ SMART Living 365.com said...

Hi Tom! I think you know from my blog that I'm a big fan of walking! I too walk every day but only about 2+ miles...I find that time commitment is easy to make so I tend to stick with it. As for walking the same route every day? I find that having a dog provides a lot of variety or if that isn't stimulating enough I listen to podcasts with topics of interest. There are hundreds of them available and I find some of the best ideas and then write about them all the time. It's an amazing "rabbit hole" to follow if you take the time. AND you're getting exercise!!! Nice to see your neighborhood though! ~Kathy

Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks for sharing the walk. I miss my hikes and races so much now, so it's always a pleasure to read of others' adventures in the outdoors.


jono said...

Walking is my best option so I do it almost every day. It is good to see leaves as ours are gone or buried under a little snow. I do miss the long autumn of the mid Atlantic states.

Tabor said...

Healthy and best of the way to feel unconfined.

Anonymous said...

why didn't you people protest against the lockdown back in April? As a result, your children and grandchildren are suffering tremendously. 50% of kids 21 and under have had suicidal thoughts caused by the lockdown. This lockdown is doing tremendous lifelong psychological damage to children. And you people are such cowards that you didn't go out and PROTEST against the lockdown? You fully deserve the coming collapse of society and the economy. This is your karma for betraying your own children. God is going to punish you for being so selfish, cowardly, and weak!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your walk!

Christie Hawkes said...

That looks like a lovely walk, Tom. I'm in the habit of taking the same route most days for my walk, and while it's pretty, I'm thinking I need to mix it up a bit and explore further outside my own neighborhood. I'm coming to your blog through a comment you left on Pat's Retirement Transition. Enjoy your day!

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