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Friday, August 14, 2015

12 Reasons Why Women Have It Easier Than Men

    I did a post awhile back called 10 Reasons Why Men Are Better Than Women. It's proved to be a very popular item  -- although I fear not for the humor involved, but for all the wrong reasons. Does anyone seriously think there are any reasons why men are better than women?

     Anyway, in the interest of, um, let's call it equal time, I thought I'd point out why . . . well, look at my title. So without further ado:

     1.  Women get to live longer than men -- in this country by an average of about 4 years. Although the way things are going with politics, the economy and the Boston Red Sox, this might very well be a mixed blessing.

     2.  Let's face it, women have the upper hand when it comes to sex. They decide if, when and under what circumstances sex will occur, with their husbands, boyfriends, or anybody else.

     3.  They get all kinds of praise and admiring looks just for lounging around on a couch, drinking beer and watching football on TV.

     4.  They get free drinks at bars.

     5.  They don't have prostate problems.

     6.  In school (and don't argue with me on this, I've done extensive research), four out of five teacher's pets are female.

     7.  They don't have to learn how to fix cars. They can call AAA without hesitation, embarrassment or fear of humiliation. Ditto for home repairs. The corollary: women can criticize men (for messing up the home repair, for example, or wearing the wrong shirt) while men can only compliment women (for wearing such a beautiful shirt) . . . and then get criticized because the compliments aren't good enough. (No, really, it's gorgeous. It highlights your eyes, makes them sparkle!)

     8.  Women get to ask directions.

     9.  Women can go to the doctor without feeling like a wimp.

     10. When women fail at work they can blame male chauvinism, the long tradition of male dominance, the glass ceiling, their husbands . . . anything but themselves. Men have no excuses. They can only blame their own dumbass selves.

     11. When traveling, women get to pack as many clothes and shoes, as much makeup and other paraphernalia as they want. It's up to the men to carry it all around.

     12. Women get to raise the kids, clean the house, hold down a job, handle the family finances, cook the meals, drive everyone around, arrange the family social schedule, all while taking care of their clueless husbands, their elderly mothers, their ne'er-do-well brothers (and brothers-in-law) and nursing anyone in the family or neighborhood who's sick.

     You see? You've got it all!


Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Love it, Tom! You made me laugh -- and in the morning! So true all the way around -- in advantages and in stresses!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom for telling the truth.
We women rock!

stephen Hayes said...

Fun post. So where will you be sleeping tonight?

Hauola said...

Thanks for bringing to light all the achievements, and with numerous humorous touches, of women. Not certain if it was a plan, although in your listing of the 12 reasons, the 12th reason had 12 items! I have a friend who taught high school math for 5 years and will ask her about the male and female breakout of her teacher's pets, if she wants to think back to those years.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right!

Olga said...

Echo: Yeah, right! (read # 12 over and over again)

Anonymous said...

I've argued for years that women are better than men, cts are smarter than dogs and other notions. Ahappy you are coming to your senses. Now write about how living longer is disadvatageous for women because they live on less $$ and have a tendency to develop senility.

Anonymous said...

Well my Mother In Law the late Mrs. lived to nearly 90 she never cooked cleaned or did much of anything, that was left to my hubs the oldest of the second family she had, she had a daughter when she was barely 17 two marriages and the last one my hubs dad fathered nearly 10 kids but never supported them or anything..My dear friend more like a mother to me than my late mother who died early of cancer when I was a wee one lived to nearly 100, she had no biological kids but married for 46 years and outlived her husband by about 27years, yes almost 100..She did everything you said and never complained thought it were her right and was a fabulous writer and newspaper woman when women were not supposed to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now women get the same diseases and men and drop like flies from Heart Disease and Cancer and smoking and Strokes, does that mean there is progress for women Iwould say NO..A college graduate woman can get the top pay if she works like hell, no children and no husband and outshines her male counterparts but what does this say about our society a fellow with a 8th grade education can make more if they lie, cheat and steal and the way men are going it is a given.>The former governor of Oregon has a fiancé Cylvia Hayes she got into his blood and he had to retire from being the Governor and he never married her she is a crook plain and simple and he went along with her he is 68 she is 48 the term there is NO FOOL LIKE AN OLD FOOD PERTAINS TO HIM, HE still gets his pension from being an e/r doctor and for being the former Governor- what a yahooooo! Yet some people believe he was an innocent in all the crap she did his fiancé!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I think woman should be making strides if they act like a yahoo, never marry get plenty of education and work twice as hard as any 8th grade educated MAN, if that is progress I will just keep my mouth shut and go on with my own opinions and business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I meant to say at 68 he certainly is an old fool! I thought being re-elected the 3rd time would show the citizens of Oregon he was not that great at all, then the big scandal came and he got the hell out of dodge, many believed him and her, what a bunch of crap..For God's sake he has a biological son 18 years old Logan Kitzhaber who will know eventually what his dad did for his faince and all the crap he did..How could this man lead anyone or anything let alone be the top person in all of Oregon..What a bunch of crap I say, they did not prosecute him cause he stepped down but really..I say men can behave outrageously and they get a slap on the wrist but when woman fall from grace they throw the book at them, that fiancé Cylvia Hayes should be going to prison but her fiancé will not allow that..Men get away with a lot of crap women could only dream of..

Tom said...

After all the comments, I'm beginning to wonder if No. 12 may be part of the reason for No. 1. Is that possible? Anyway, I might admit that men "get away with a lot of crap women could only dream of," but that's for a follow-up post on the reasons why men have it easier than women. Have to think long and hard about that one.

Anonymous said...

The governor of Washington state was a big pal of John Kitzhaber the governor who resigned from his governorship..He stated it in the seattle pi and the seattle times. Nice to have top officials MEN at that sticking by such a creep Kitzhaber..I did not mean to alarm you but I saw plenty on a naval base working and in college in the late 60's and early 70's men just ran wild, I vowed my hubs would not ever act like that and he has not and he happens to be 68 come this late October and would never stand by a crook or assist that crook man, woman or whatever, our only is a lady plain and simple, single because she has never met anyone like her dad and wants a fellow like her dad she always says he is the last gentleman in the whole of USA and that is saying something she lives in NYC and has not met any fellows who can hold a candle to her Dad. I have worked my entire life, I see men who are so incompetent rise to the top who are dumber than a toilet seat, they are lovely to look at but stupid as hell, but they don't last at all! I am not interested in power and cash, or I would have gotten my degree(s) in business not education, our only changed her major(s) as quickly as a wink in the eye after the business professor in a class mentioned what a English Major made compared to a business administration major, she has finanace and business degrees and believe you me she makes more than most men, that is why she is single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy @ SMART Living 365.com said...

Hi Tom! Hmmmmm....interesting perspective on what is "easier" in life. What I want to know is where I can take advantage of #4....I can't even remember the last time I got free drinks a bar!!! ~Kathy

Anonymous said...

Free drinks at a bar you say, you have to go to NYC there everyone orders others drinks it must be because it is the most expensive city in all of the USA and that excludes san Francisco etc..The people in the east are friendlier too, one has to really work there for one's paycheck and people do and they party harder and enjoy the holidays more I think, we make the trek to our only child at the holidays and they are just wonderful, not like the west where everyone kind of tries to hide the fact it is Hanukkah or Christmas, Easter and Fourth of July not in the east coast, we both think it has something to do with how hard it is to make a living so others cling to their families and traditions that is our opinion..Women don't have it easier they outlive partners.husbands by many years and some are ill prepared and falter but they do come up with ways to really enjoy their lives it is interesting to see how they manage..ciao and more ciao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janette said...

So very true! Thank you for the smile on my lips!

Snowbrush said...

I think it fails the latest PC test, which, I think, is a good thing.