Sunday, June 9, 2013

Best of Boomer Blogs: Final Exam Edition

     How many of us are aware that school is ending for the year? Yes, it's time to cram for finals. Did you ever pull an all-nighter? And then . . . school is out for the summer!

     I don't mean to imply that the Best of Boomer Blogs is ending. Not at all. We are Boomers. We are strong! I'm only saying that, like final exams, this is important, this is crucial, this could determine your grades for the whole semester -- and whether you get into college or grad school. The rest of your life depends on how closely you study this edition of the BBB!

     Well, not quite. But here, from the Blogging Boomers, are some very thoughtful and interesting essays on a core curriculum of courses. Feel free to explain and expound.

      Math:  At her blog The Generation Above Me, Karen clarifies the distinction between life span and life expectancy. The oldest documented person lived to be 122. Average life expectancy depends a great deal on environmental factors and life style choices. Currently it's 77 in the U. S. measured from birth, but higher for those who reach midlife.

     Science:  On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes about global and American efforts to reduce food waste. Her article – “Are You Wasting Food?” – also offers a link to cut food waste. Use the right storage techniques, purchase only what you need, and match the serving size to what those being served will eat are some of the recommendations.

     English Lit:  In Beauty Is Truth, Lisa Garon Froman reflects on the value of living in truth and being authentic. It's part of the overall message of her blog, Tao Flashes, that chronicles a "woman's way to navigating the midlife journey with integrity, harmony and grace."

     Psychology:  Laura Lee, aka The Midlife Crisis Queen, says in Whose Life Have You Been Living? that one of our most important psychological tasks in midlife is taking back ownership of our own lives.

     Also, from Laura Lee, don't miss the good news about online dating.

     Economics:  Meanwhile John Agno at So Baby Boomer reports to us that 52% of 1946 Baby Boomers Are Fully Retired. For extra credit go to Agno's post Baby Boomer Retirement Tips.

     Okay, now that exams are over . . . 


DJan said...

I am not quite of the Boomer generation, having been born in 1942. I always feel a bit left out, but I'm heading over to those blogs anyway! :-)

Laura Lee Carter aka the Midlife Crisis Queen said...

Thanks for sharing Tom in a cute and creative way! LLC said...

You know I am not a boomer, but enjoy your synopsis of boomer blogs. Have a good day. Dianne

Stephen Hayes said...

I'll be sure to check out these blogs. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

Steven Tymon said...

Great blog...I'm trying to start one myself....if you have a minute take a look and let me know what you