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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Resources for Retirement

     Over the years I have collected a number of links to websites that offer information, inspiration, research and entertainment geared to people over age 60. You'll find this list of Retirement Resources down on the right hand side of the blog, below More Grownup Voices.

     I've found these sites to be helpful and informative, and so I encourage you to check them out. Explore the sites. Look for ideas and issues that are relevant to your life.

   For example, travelers can climb aboard Roads Scholar or National Geographic. Lifelong learners can attend the Osher foundation site.  People looking for post-retirement work can apply at Encore or Second Act. Volunteers can find opportunities at Volunteer Match.

     I also have some of the standard sites for seniors, such as the AARP site, and two links to the New York Times. One is for The New Old Age, a page that has been suspended but still offers archived material. Newer articles about retirement have been folded into New York Times -- Health. (Note, however, that the Times limits your number of free visits per month unless you have a subscription.)

     I recently added Aging Parents Insights which covers topics like Alzheimer's, aging alone, caregiving and end-of-life issues. On the lighter side, there's a link to Manopause, for "men over 50 and the people who love them," which features videos, interviews, humor . . . and at least one Pulitzer-Prize winner.

     For those who are academically inclined, I've posted a number of links to universities sponsoring retirement research. They cover issues like health, finance, relationships and other concerns of the older population. So take a look. There are links to the well-known Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, as well as research centers at Johns Hopkins, Michigan, Stanford, and the University of Utah.

     I've done a post on this list before. But for those who are new to this blog, or those who didn't pay a whole lot of attention (let's face it, most of us don't), I hope you'll scroll down on the right and take advantage of this trove of information available to us, all for free.

     Meanwhile, if you've run across any other useful, reliable websites that will enrich our retirement lives, I hope you'll share them with us. May we all have a happy and healthy post-Covid retirement!


Suemn said...

Thanks Tom. I appreciate you letting us know about those links at the bottom right hand side. I've never noticed them before. I plan to check them out:)

ApacheDug said...

That's an excellent list of resources,thanks for the gentle 'nudge' to the bottom of your blog, Tom. I have scanned over it before, but I never really took a good look until today--I gotta tell ya, I am seriously liking that link to 'Manopause'! What a great site, right up my alley :^)

Kay said...

Oh my! That is a wonderful list of referrals. Thank you. Like the others, I hadn't noticed it.

Red said...

It's surprising what's out there. I will have to check some of these sites.

Arkansas Patti said...

You always supply the best information. I will definitely check out some of that list. Thank you.

gigi-hawaii said...

I thought this was still the previous blog post, but then I checked the date of your post and realized that it was a new one. Thanks for the tip about the New York Times. I didn't know I could read it for free. Just for fun, you should google Life Expectancy and click on the Social Security calculator to see when you are expected to die. Just type in your date of birth. I am supposed to die at age 88 years and 6 months. Which means I will die in July 2034. That is 13 years from now. I don't know how I feel about that. LOL.

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