Monday, January 21, 2019

Boomers Are Older, but Are They Wiser?

     Baby Boomers are older or wiser. Baby Boomers are older and wiser. If I remember my college logic course correctly, then the first of those statements must be true, since only one of the conditions has to be true, and we at least know that Baby Boomers are getting older. But for the second statement to be true, both conditions must be valid. And, just possibly, that's open to personal opinion (see Baby Boomers Are the Most Selfish . . .).

     So Rebecca Olkowski leads off the week telling us that Baby Boomers are getting older, and they are having more medical tests. That's a logically true statement, don't you think? On her blog BabyBoomster she relates how she had a pelvic ultrasound as a precaution after feeling that something might be wrong. It turned out all is well. But in How I Averted a Tsunami-Like Flood she admits . . . well, read it and see what she admits, and what her advice is for women over 50.

     Meanwhile, as we get older, shouldn't we be wise enough to overcome our fears and our stumbling blocks? If you're not, and you still have fears about asking other people for help (I know I do), then work up the courage to look at Laura Lee Carter's post on How We Learn to Let in Positive Support to see her thoughts on vulnerability and empowerment.

Baer's Sunset in Costa Rica
     If you have another kind of block, check out Jennifer at Untold and Begin who focuses on ways we can improve our creativity. She reveals a fascinating exercise, originally used in the art/sculpture world, that can be adapted for any creative activity. Go see How to Work Around a Creative Block to appreciate how it's not about "achieving something, it's about letting go of something."

     Most of us would agree it's true that retirement and traveling go together. Certainly they do for Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting. She spent the holidays with family touring the Central American jungles of Costa Rica. Along the way she met a number of ex-pats who now call the country home. Why Costa Rica? She answers that question in Costa Rica: The Allure of an Ex-Pat Paradise.

     Retirement and emergency savings fund go together as well -- or they should. Rita Robison on The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide was thinking about this issue due to the hardships federal employees are facing because they've been furloughed or are working without pay during the partial government shutdown. So How Much Do You Need for an Emergency Fund -- one month of expenses, six months, a year? Robison gives us some guidelines whether we're a federal employee, a retiree, or anyone else.

     Here's another question for you, posed by Carol Cassara of A Healing Spirit. She saw a documentary about Katherine Hepburn and was surprised to hear the actress mention her family's motto. Carol will tell you what the Hepburn motto is. So . . . what's yours?

     Or if you don't have a motto, you could do what Kathy Gottberg has done this year. She's chosen a word for herself to provide a focus for 2019. You can look up her word on SmartLiving365 . . . and maybe that will inspire you come up with a word of your own. Because here's another truism about Baby Boomers. We may be retired. But we're not done yet!


Laura Lee Carter said...

What a lovely post Tom! Thanks!

Tabor said...

what a rich list of links. Need more blog reading time.

Savoring Sixty said...

Looking forward to reading what these blogs have to say!

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Kathy @ SMART Living said...

Hey Tom! Another great group of posts showing how very varied all of us Boomers really are. Isn't that awesome! And that we all have a way to reach out to others and share some of that possible "wisdom" that we've learned along the way. Thanks for including my post as always and now I'm off to explore what some of these other Boomers have to say. ~Kathy

Janette said...

I always look forward to your links! Thanks!

Olga said...

This really captured my attention and I am off to read some new (to me) blogs.

Diane Dahli said...

Lots to feast on here, Tom! I particularly found Jennifer's article on overcoming blocks useful, since I am working on a new project, and having a bit of difficulty staying on task. So now, I'll go back and read all of the other posts!

Anonymous said...

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