Friday, April 26, 2013

New Movies for Grownups

    Remember last year's Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, the movie that put the senior audience on the map? B and I recently saw another one, also, called Hope Springs with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, about a long-married couple trying to put some zest back in their relationship. It wasn't as good as Marigold. But it did get a good performance out of Steve Carell as the marriage counselor.

     Now I came across an article in USA Today called "A Perfect 10 for Boomers" -- dubbed 10 Summer Films NOT About Superheroes on their website -- recommending a whole list of upcoming movies geared to the older audience. Since you may not have seen the article (as I've noted before, it seems the only time anyone sees USA Today is when they're traveling) I thought I'd pass on the suggesions.

     The article actually comes up with 11 new movies directed toward the more mature audience, starting with The Big Wedding, which opens today, Friday.

     The movie features an all-star cast including Robert DeNiro, Katherine Heigl, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried and Susan Sarandon. The plot revolves around a long-divorced couple (DeNiro and Keaton) who pretend to still be married as their family reunites for a wedding.

     It sounds like it could be a fun romantic comedy if you like DeNiro, Keaton and the others. Personally, I've liked Susan Sarandon ever since I saw her in 1975 prancing around in her underpants for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Oh, and I don't mind Katherine Heigl either.

     One of the movies that sounds promising to me is Now You See Me, coming out at the end of May. The plot sounds a little weird -- an FBI agent enlists some magic to stop a bank robbery -- but the movie stars two actors I like:  Morgan Freeman and Mark Ruffalo.

     Fans of the 2010 movie Red might like Red 2, with Bruce Willis, Helen Mirrin and Anthony Hopkins, coming out late in July. And I, myself, am still a Woody Allen fan, despite his checkered career (not to mention his checkered personal life), and so I'm looking forward to Blue Jasmine starring Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin and featuring the new hip comedian Louis C. K. The Woody Allen movie also hits the multiplex in July.

     But don't rely on my recommendations. Go take a look at the Summer Films article on the USA Today website and make out your movie plans for the summer.


Olga said...

I am making a point of catching up on some movies over the coming months. Right now I am catching up on the few television shows I like but missed because we don't have on-demand in FL.

Kay Dennison said...

Maybe Marigold Hotel put movies for elders on the map for you but Ronni at Time Goes By has a had Geezer Flicks ( for years. And yeah, I saw -- and loved -- Hope Springs. One of my fav geezer flicks is Secondhand Lions with Michael Caine and Robert Duvall which came out in 2003.

rosaria williams said...

Looking forward to the distractions. Thanks for rounding these up for us. I can't wait for The Great Gatsby this weekend or next, not exactly geared to any age in particular.
Come to think of it, I actually don't like being catered at this age; I like to think that I have enough imagination and experience to go back and relive any age!

Juhli said...

I like the idea of reviews of non-superhero films and that article sounds worth checking out. Thanks. said...

I saw one movie last year, Lincoln, and only saw that because Daniel Day Lewis was in it. I don't do movies anymore. No time. We watch BBC televison (at night only) (broadcast on our local PBS station). MOstly, I read.

Guess I am a party pooper. Dianne

Lorna said...

NOW YOU SEE ME is from a novel written by James Petterson. I read the novel several years ago. It is one of the Alex Cross novels, played by Morgan Freeman. I liked all of Patterson's novels.

Stephen Hayes said...

Red was fun; I've seen it twice so I'll definitely give Red II a chance.

DJan said...

I thought Hope Springs was okay, but Meryl Streep wasn't her usual stunning self. I enjoyed Marigold Hotel but it also wasn't my favorite geezer flick. Now that I think about it, my favorite movie of the year was actually Life of Pi, and it was about a young man and a tiger! :-)

Bob Lowry said...

Thanks, Tom. It is getting to be that time of year in Phoenix when we look for indoor activities. Good movies for us are hard to find so I appreciate this list.

We are going to see the movie 42 soon. That is the Jackie Robinson story which looks pretty good.