"A long memory can drive a man crazy."
-- Brit Bennett, The Vanishing Half

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Can You Answer These 10 Citizenship Questions?

     We hear a lot about immigration and what it takes to come here legally and eventually attain citizenship. If you think you're so smart, try your hand at answering these ten citizenship questions. How many will you get right?

1. What percent of Americans are immigrants       14% or 100%

2. Texas is part of the United States ...                  True or False

3. Did Lance Armstrong land on the moon?            Yes or No

4. The best movie of all time is ...              Gone with the Wind or Caddyshack

5. Where would you rather live?                        Europe or New Zealand

6. Who was the greatest U. S. president?   Daniel Day Lewis or Martin Sheen

7. Is prostitution legal in Washington, DC?             Yes or No

8. Who is older  ...                                             Donald Trump or Joe Biden

9. Who won World War II ...                                 Germany or England

10. Geographic center of the U.S. is ...     Belle Fourche, SD or Lebanon, KS


1. 100% ... we're all immigrants, even Native Americans who came across the Bering Strait. 2. False. It's a different world entirely.  3. Yes, but he was disqualified for using performance enhancing drugs.  4. Neither -- GWTW is racist, Caddyshack isn't funny anymore.  5. Doesn't matter, you can't get into either one.

6. Trick question: Daniel Day Lewis isn't even American.  7. Duh ...  8. Joe Biden. Biden is 84; Trump is 14.  9. Look at Germany, look at England. You decide.  10. You always learn something new at Sightings Over Sixty, because this one is for real ... no April fooling! Counting Hawaii and Alaska, the geographic center of the U. S. is near Belle Fourche, SD. If you're thinking just the lower 48, then it's Lebanon, Kansas.

Happy April!


Suemn said...


ApacheDug said...

Alright, this was funny--even if I did get most of 'em wrong! :^)~

Olga said...

April Fool -- I guess I am although a did a few answers anyway.

Rian said...

Tom, this was a weird post. But I do agree that the answer to #1 is 100%!

Tom said...

Well, thank you for indulging my weird sense of humor!

Arkansas Patti said...

I was quite serious at first then I caught on. Well done. A lot of us I think had the hook in our mouth.

Gail, northern California said...

Happy April Fool's Day, you devil you.

I live in a small town. One of our City Council members posted a photo of pink water running out of the tap, and thanked everyone who filled out the on-line survey. She said pink had won for the favorite color to dye our drinking water for Easter Sunday. Purple was a close second. Yellow, of course, came in last.

One comment said, "I had to fill out 1,284 surveys but it was so worth it." ;-)

Wisewebwoman said...

My first thought was WTAH? And then I thought poor old Tom has lost it completely. And yeah, finally looked at the date.

Good one.


Tom said...

Ha ha ... you wouldn't be the first to think that poor old Tom has lost it completely.

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! Too funny! I loved this! I thought at first that all the 2nd answers were going to be the correct one.

Meryl Baer said...

Great post! one typo - Trump is 4.

Adullamite said...

No. 9. Germany or England?
England did not fight in ww2.
The 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland' however did participate.
The Soviet Union actually won the war, the rest of the world helping them.

Tikno said...

No. 1 should be given to Trump.