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-- William Landay, Mission Flats

Sunday, July 7, 2019

What Is Vacation For?

     It's the week of July 4, and so it shouldn't surprise anyone that what's on people's minds is . . .  vacation!

     Meryl Baer reports that the weekend brought a record number of visitors to the New Jersey shore town where she resides year-round. With the weather reliably hot and sunny, the beach beckoned, and retail stores eagerly greeted shoobies (out-of-towners). Baer says that in honor of the 4th she fulfilled her patriotic duty and spent money she doesn't have on a  . . . well, zoom over to Celebrating Independence Day to find out what she bought.

     Rebecca Olkowski of Babyboomster had a slightly different July 4th experience. In Earthquake: Rollling and Shaking in Los Angeles she explains how she swayed and shook in LA for two days, first with a 6.4 tremor, then a 7.1 quake. She survived, just fine, but the effect on her dogs was a little different. One of them was passed out; the other freaked out.

     If you need some advice about how to deal with summer issues (my dog freaks out from fireworks) then swim, skate or surf over to consumer journalist Rita Robison's post Think Safety This Summer. She offers some reminders about staying safe while hanging out at the pool,.cooking on the grill, mowing the lawn, even putting up your beach umbrella.

Have fun ... but be safe!
     And Jennifer of Unfold and Begin serves up another helping of tips with How to Save on Your Meals on Vacation. It includes a helpful checklist for your vacation cottage.

     On a more metaphysical level, Laura Lee Carter, says that no matter how disturbing the world seems, she finds she is Seeking Solace in Nature. And now at the age of 64 she finally knows "the peace that only nature can offer."

      Laurie Stone of Musings, Rants & Scribbles suggests that we all have a special place -- a place we return to that sustains us, restores us and comforts us. She shares the magic and memory of her spot, just across a bridge in the mythical land of . . . find out where in her post Where Is Your Place?

     And Carol Cassara of A Healing Spirit comes around to the topic of vacation, in a certain way as well. In her post What Does Your Life Path Look Like? she acknowledges that many of us sometimes think that everyone else enjoys smooth sailing in life, while we always seem to be facing gale force winds. So she tells us to take a vacation from constantly comparing our life to other people's ... because no matter what their Facebook page says, they are facing challenges as well.

     And finally, as if to remind us all about what vacation is really all about, Kathy Gottberg of SmartLiving 365 offers the post Could Contentment Be the Treasure We All Seek? For what's the purpose of vacation if not to achieve a state of peace, harmony and gratitude . . . and appreciating the luxury of just being alive.


Wisewebwoman said...

I honestly feel I don't need vacations anymore. I love where I live and most of the time I feel like it's a vacation.

And contentment? I finally arrived there. The last station on the railway track.


Juhli said...

I guess I am very fortunate that my dog just stood still and looked confused during the earthquakes! Me, I was dealing with anxiety about where the shaking was going (worse or not!) and the accompanying adrenaline anxiety rush. All is well though.

Kathy @ SMART Living 365.com said...

Hi Tom! Isn't it interesting how all of us bloggers have at least the "idea" of vacation on our minds and are writing about it from a unique perspective. (or at least you have managed once again to make it sounds that way!) I'm looking forward to checking out what is on each of our minds this week and thank you again for sharing my post! ~Kathy

Rian said...

Tom, I intend to read all those recommended posts today. Thanks. As for myself... I freak out with fireworks too. Don't like them.

Rebecca Olkowski said...

I love all these posts, Tom. Thanks, for putting this together. What a great and inspiring way to start Sunday morning.

DUTA said...

My favorite vacation spot used to be the Dead Sea - lowest place on earth. The bromine in the air and sea, the silence of the desert, the pale yellow mountains in the distance, the floating on the salty water - all this had a soothing effect on both the soul and body.
But times change. The place has become crowded with lots of hotels and all sorts of people and facilities.

Now, at my advanced age, my favorite 'vacation' place is.. my home. When I'm out and travel I wish to see things, explore things, not rest in a room. So, I'm on the move all day, and tired of course at the end of the day (though pleased by the adventure).

Celia said...

Thanks for all the blog sites to visit. I just took my first vacation in years and while it was a bit challenging it was fun. I am happy at home most of the time but being gone 10 days gave me an attitude adjustment I didn't know I needed. :-) Stayed in a hotel, no cleaning, no cooking and visiting people I haven't seen in quite awhile. Felt relaxed and happy when I got home. It was more than worth it.

Tom said...

I think we've had this discussion before: People wonder how you can go on vacation when you're already retired. But we decided they are not the same. So in a couple of weeks I'm going off on vacation to ... actually, to Laurie's special place. Can't wait!

Arkansas Patti said...

You have given us delightful places to visit and learn from Thank you, I will check them out.
I haven't been on a vacation since my Florida trip. That was too long ago but really everyday feels like vacation since retirement. Now days the vacationers (family and friends) come to me for visits. Does that still qualify? :))

Tom said...

Patti -- I think that's the best of both worlds!

Laurie Stone said...

Thanks Tom for a great job editing. Enjoyed reading all.

Jennifer said...

What a great list of posts. Thanks for sharing all of them.

JoansGate said...

Thanks for your reply. I'm a retired nurse -3 years now-and saved for retirement by no vacations...haven't been since year 2006. I am ready, though I live in a tourist New England beach town. The daily retirement life of cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands has tired me. I need a VK. Thanks again for your post.

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Unknown said...

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