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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Christmas Lights

     We went over to Peddler's Village the other night to have dinner and see the lights.

     Peddler's Village is a collection of shops and restaurants housed in charming old-style colonial buildings.

     It's an outdoor mall, really, but the shops are arranged around a kind of village green, with a brook running through it, and they are connected by a series of winding brick paths.

     The shops feature clothes, household goods, arts and crafts, kick knacks, tchotchkes, Christmas ornaments and decorations of all sorts.

     Yes, it appeals to tourists, from all over. Well, all over this area. People come from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, a few from New York. You always see a few buses in the parking lot, bringing people in from senior-living facilities, women's clubs, community centers.

     My favorite store is Knobs 'n Knockers which focuses almost exclusively on cabinet hardware, doorknobs, towel racks, weathervanes, mailboxes -- and yes, door knockers, some costing as much as $200. They're nice, but would you pay $200 for a door knocker?

     I wouldn't. But, hey, it's free to walk around and enjoy the lights and soak up the Christmas spirit.



DJan said...

It sure is pretty, Tom. We have something similar near here, the town of Leavenworth lights up for the season. I went once, but it was so crowded I decided it was just not my thing at all. :-)

Jono said...

Beautiful lights, but it would look even better with about a foot of snow. :)

Olga said...

Very pretty. There is a house near my place in VT where people make a point of going. The home owner even has a radio band that you can tune into. The Christmas music is kind of coordinated with the lights as they flash.

Wisewebwoman said...

I love those tiny shops and a fan of farmer's markets. Malls do nothing for me and I avoid them like the plague and sameness they are.

This sounds delightful.


Barb said...

Pretty lights. We still need to get out to the Botanic gardens near our house to see the lights and I want to do a neighborhood drive and check out the views as well.

gigihawaii said...

Beautiful photography at night.

Anonymous said...

Tom, I wanted to email you but couldn’t find your contact info, so I’ll just comment here- you discussed moving to Bucks county in past posts and touched on the decision making process you went through. Peddlers village is wonderful by the way! Anyway I am originally from NJ and currently living in Western NY. My husband will be retiring in a year or two and I have wonderful memories of Bucks county. Will be attending my niece’s wedding there in August and I know I’ll probably fall in love with area again. Long story short could you either email me privately or do a post again on positives of living in the area? Thank you! Sherri. Sedavis1234@ail.com

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