Monday, February 15, 2016

Fashion Advice, Seriously!

     I feel a certain responsibility to the public, because I know when people think fashion, they can't help but think Tom Sightings.

     But seriously . . . I was taking my honey B out to Valentine's dinner the other night, and I noticed she was wearing a very nice sweater. We were sitting at our table at a popular and lively restaurant that features international cuisine. I regarded the sweater and asked if it was new.

     She looked down, ran her fingers over the material. She thanked me for noticing and said yes, as a matter of fact, it was.

     Where did you get it? I wondered.

     Then she told me about a new website called Stitch Fit. Maybe you've heard of it? She'd learned about it from a friend.

     The idea is, you go to the website, answer a series of questions about yourself, and then the site puts the information into the computer and makes a selection of clothing that will suit your size, shape, coloring and personality.

     In other words, what Pandora is to music, Stitch Fit is to clothing.

     The site sends you five items of clothing. You keep what you want and send back the rest. B kept two of the five items -- the sweater and a stylish black vest -- and sent the other three items back.

B's sweater, without B (she doesn't like to be photographed)
     The clothes are moderately priced -- about the level of Macy's (or, maybe there's a broader range, but the computer just concluded B is a Macy's level shopper). Apparently, you can sign up to get clothes just one time, or on a recurring basis -- once a month, say, or once for each new fashion season.

     Two big benefits of the site: You no longer have to go to the mall and face the crowds, the noise, the frustration of trying to find what you want. Also, the algorithm on site figures out what clothes will make you look your best -- something (at least, according to B) you don't always know on your own.

     The only downside is that you have to return the clothes you don't want -- and there is a time limit. So you have to pay attention, or you end up buying clothes you have no use for.

     I don't know anymore about the site than that. To me it sounds like a great idea, and B likes it, at least so far. But I cannot give it my personal recommendation because I haven't tried it. Apparently, the site only sells women's clothing.

     Still, there's a benefit for husbands. How? B and I were on our way to the aforementioned Valentine's day restaurant.  We were at the mall, walking through Nordstrom's department store . . . okay, to clear up any possible confusion, the Valentine's day restaurant we were going to was a Chinese place at the food court in the mall. (But seriously, to defend my reputation as a romantic, we'd already been out to a nice restaurant for lunch earlier that day.)

     So anyway, as I said, being a romantic type of guy, I was trying to be solicitous of her needs. "We're not in a rush," I said to her as we ambled through the women's shoe section. "We can stop somewhere if you want, you know, if you'd like to shop a bit."

     "Oh, I don't need to," she responded, airily. "I don't have to mix with the great unwashed at the department store. I have my own personal shopper now."


Bob Lowry said...

My wife, also a B, has a terrible time shopping because of her size. If they make a 0, that isn't small enough. Often she has to browse through the teens area to find something. But, if you have seen how many teenaged girls dress, you can guess their idea of fashion and that of a 62 year old woman (B's birthday was on Valentine's Day!) don't often line up. I will steer her to Stitch Fit!

Stephen Hayes said...

I wonder if the day will come when stores will be a thing of the past and all shopping will be done online.

Anonymous said...

Geez, so when did Nordstroms become the store for the Great Unwashed?

Celia said...

I looked it up; they had me at free shipping AND returns.

Linda Myers said...

Checking it out! Thanks, Tom!

DJan said...

Never heard of such a thing. I'm off to check it out. I wonder if they would send me stuff from Value Village. :-)

Anonymous said...

I checked out the site. While it sounds like a good idea, if you're a size more than 14, which is what Marilyn Monroe was, you're out of luck. But don't worry about it. They said they're working on bringing their services to real women real soon.

Tom Sightings said...

Dianne, I know ... that's why I think she was making a joke, to go along with our food court valentine's day dinner.

Olga Hebert said...

I can't wait to see what will be selected for me. I buy clothes that never seem quite right unless they are jeans and tee shirts. Of course, I will be disappointed if that is what is sent.

Tabor said...

Funny and a good idea. I have to try on clothes, feel fabric, really see the color. I am jut not sure this would work for me though.

Anonymous said...

I shop for my muumuus at the muumuu factory in town. I don't wear anything else except for underwear. So, B's site doesn't appeal to me.

Sally Wessely said...

First of all congratulations for noticing B's sweater. My husband would probably not notice. It is a nice sweater. I like it. I've heard of this site. In fact, I saw a woman I know fairly well in a very nicely put together outfit at church the other day. I asked if it was a birthday gift since she'd just had her birthday. She said it came from an on-line shopping service. I was quite impressed.

I don't dare sign up. I'm pretty sure I'd love all five outfits.

Barbara said...

I have heard of this site and their comments were positive also. I guess it's the next amazon of its type.

Jono said...

I like shopping online, but have no fashion sense or much of any other sense. I wonder what a place like that would send me seeing as how my favorite color is plaid?

Wisewebwoman said...

Amazing idea. My budget is tiny but I will check it out.

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Hmm, that sounds very interesting! I already avoid the mall as best I can, and am beginning to be an online shopper. I've not heard of this, so I will check it out. Thanks for the tip!