Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Different Perspective on the Storm

A churned-up Gulf of Mexico
     I'm not going to complain about the weather here in Naples, Florida -- even though my airbnb host, who's from England, says that the last fortnight has brought the worst weather he's seen since moving here two years ago.

     A near-tornado blew in from the Gulf of Mexico a few days ago knocking down trees and flooding the streets.

Sand-swept beach
     Today we are getting the southern edge of the storm that's been barreling across the eastern United States over the last couple of days. While we have clear skies, winds are coming in from the Northwest, gusting to 50 mph.

A spooky noise
     But at home, B is in the thick of it, dealing with a foot of snow, blizzard conditions, high winds and near-total whiteouts. Meanwhile, the northern edge of the storm is now bringing snow to my friend who lives on Cape Cod, Mass. And I know my daughter, in Raleigh, NC, also got a piece of the winter blast, mostly by way of the sleet and freezing rain that formed a thick coating of ice on the trees and the roads.

Flying the colors
     That's one heck of a storm, affecting weather conditions from South Florida to Northern New England. But there's one thing you get down here that's kind of unique. It's the sound of the wind rattling through the palm trees, a kind of whistling and clattering sound that's a little spooky. But I like it ... especially compared to the sound of plows scraping along the city streets.


Linda Myers said...

What are you doing in Florida?

I love wind here in Tucson, too. Even rain, when it clatters on our metal roof. Partly because i know that tomorrow it will probably be sunny again.

Stephen Hayes said...

Here in Portland it's just the usual rain. I hope this massive storm passes with as few injuries as possible. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're enjoying downtown Naples: both 5th Ave and 3rd Street. Fave restaurant is Barbatella's (best pizza!)and you must have the calamari appetizer at Sea Salt. Don't miss the Farmer's Market on 3rd every Saturday morning. And take a long walk off their gorgeous, brand new Pier!
Free jazz concerts in Cambier park!

To me, Naples is a mystical, magical place. You may be listening to the wind rumble through the trees. I like to walk along 3rd at late night and listen to the samba music rolling out onto the most beautiful streets.

Have fun!

No matter how wicked the rain storms in Naples were, they were a heck of a lot better than what whistles back in New York!

Tabor said...

I do not is a bit of a trade-off. Snow or endless traffic. At least our snow will melt and go away.

DJan said...

Here in Bellingham it's just more rain. Today we get a break with a bit of sunshine, but I'll take our weather over that on the East Coast. I didn't realize that even Florida is getting hit by this storm. I'm off to learn how my other friends fared. :-)

Anonymous said...

No storm in Hawaii.

Olga Hebert said...

Our original plan was to go to Naples, but it grew and developed so fast that we decided to try to avoid all the traffic in the end. Frankly, I am a bit weary of the wind.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, according to one of my work mates you should have been there when Andrew went through. However, I have been in a hurrricane or two and seen palm trees bend all the way to the ground (not in Andrew or Hugo, I wasn't there). My bad memories of the hurricane include sleeping on the hard floor of the Jai Alai fronton and stale bologna sandwiches.

I take it you are stranded in FL owing to flight issues?

Tom Sightings said...

What do you mean, what are you doing in Florida? I'm retired. Isn't that reason enough?!? Cindi, thanks for the travel tips; I'll check some of them out. No, I'm not stranded (although one of the other guests at our airbnb was supposed to fly home yesterday and instead is going Tuesday). I'm due to go back next Saturday ... so please keep your fingers crossed for me, will ya?!? Thanks!

Jono said...

Here the sound of the plow going by means it will be easier to get to work. That was a nasty storm for areas that have a hard time dealing with all that wet snow and flooding.

JG said...

Sun shine, 15 degrees and two feet on the ground. I am beginning to understand the lure of Floria!