Monday, September 9, 2013

Sharing Information

     Just a note to prompt you to head over and take a look at The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide to check out the latest roundup from the Best of Boomer Blogs. Some of the topics covered:

     A book exploring the issue of midlife crisis in single women.

     A discussion of dementia and other cognitive changes that may come along with aging.

    A report on the consumer habits of aging Baby Boomers.

     Not to mention . . . it's worth the trip just to poke around this Boomer Guide blog, where you can find out some information about consumer credit, product recalls, toxic chemicals and home security cameras.

     Go ahead. Don't be embarrassed. No one is watching you.


Douglas said...

"No one is watching {us]?"

Ha! Wave at the NSA, please.

Stephen Hayes said...

Thanks for sharing. We can never have too much information.

DJan said...

Can I go even if I'm too old to be a Boomer? :-)