Monday, July 15, 2013

Best of Summer Blogs

     What's going on at some of the best Boomer blogs this week? 

photo: J. Star
     In a recent post on The Generation Above Me, Karen Austin reminds us that as our parents age, they are at greater risk for falls, especially falls in the bathroom. She summarizes the results of a study about emergency room visits due to bathroom falls, and provides a list of home improvements for reducing risks. 

    Meanwhile, I can tell you from my own first-hand experience -- as recounted in my post Two Thumbs Up -- that falling in the bathroom doesn't just affect our aged parents. It can happen to anyone -- even me.

     Meanwhile, did you ever wonder why your inkjet printer's cartridges aren't lasting as long? On the Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide Rita R. Robinson, consumer journalist, writes about the Consumer Reports tests that show many inkjet printers use more than $100 of ink a year just for their maintenance cycles. Consumer Reports offers several simple suggestions on how to save ink by doing some obvious things like printing in draft mode for less critical jobs, as well as some counterintuitive things like leaving the power on for the printer.

     John Agno offers some words of wisdom regarding what aging men need -- regardless of what they might want. If you journey over to So Baby Boomer, you'll also find out where the word mentor comes from -- and discover that you no longer have to travel alone.

     Finally, Laura Lee wanted to know some of the major differences between Boomers and their parents. She researched the question and came up with some pretty interesting answers regarding health, shopping, stress, and personal appearance. Go take a look. Then go have fun in the sun . . . but don't forget the suntan lotion!



DJan said...

I am not quite a boomer, since I was born in 1942, but almost! Doesn't the generation start in 1945? I'll go check out those blogs anyway. :-) said...

I think the BB generation begins the year my baby brother was born, 1847, and I am beyond that point. My parents as well as David's have passed on, but we need to keep ourselves informed about aging, a real learning process.

So thanks for the tips. Another great blog I get on my Kindle is 'The New Old Age.' Check it out. Dianne said...

That's 1947 of course. This cataract surgery will help. D~

Tom Sightings said...

Hah, sometimes it FEELS like 1847! But Boomers or not, we all have a lot of the same issues. And yeah, the New Old Age is the New York Times blog on aging. I have a link to the site way down at the bottom of my blog, under More Resources, along with links to some other helpful web addresses.

Stephen Hayes said...

I'll be sure to check out these blogs. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I always thought Boomers were 1946-1964 - in other words: both of my children.

BTW: It doesn't hurt to check out WHY one falls. It may signal something significantly wrong with one's internals or wiring.
Cop Car

gabbygeezer said...

I've had two fairly serious falls in the past three years. Both happened when I wasn't paying close attention to what I was doing. The incidents have inspired a bit more caution. Thanks for the links--they were informative.

Linda Myers said...

I fell twice in six weeks about five years ago. I decided to start paying attention, and I haven't fallen since.