Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Do You Know Your Baby Boomer TV Shows?

      Take this quiz and find out:

1.  Who played Perry Mason, the defense attorney on TV who invariably proved his client innocent, from 1957 to 1966?
 a) Earle Stanley Gardner   b) Raymond Burr   c) William Hopper   d) Raymond Massey

2) What's the longest running western on TV?
a) Gunsmoke  b) Bonanza  c) Wagon Train  d) Rawhide   

3)  Where did Rob and Laura live on The Dick Van Dyke Show?
a) New London, Ct.         b) New Holland, Pa.         c) New Rochelle, NY         d) New Brunswick, NJ

4)  Who played Dr. Kildare, the medical intern who set female hearts aflutter from 1961 - 1966?
a) Vince Edwards   b) Bob Newhart   c) Robert Young   d) Richard Chamberlain

5) Who as a young comedian was a writer for Candid Camera?
a) Woody Allen    b) Dick Cavett    c) Regis Philbin    d) Jerry Seinfeld

6) When did the Beatles first appear on the Ed Sullivan Show?
a) Jan. 20, 1962    b) Sept. 22, 1963    c) Feb. 9, 1964    d) May 24, 1964

7) Who never appeared on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, the iconic comedy that ran from 1967 - 1973?
a) Tiny Tim       b) Rod Serling       c) Richard Nixon       d) Bill Cosby  

8) Laverne & Shirley (1976-83) was one of several shows to develop out of the groundbreaking All in the Family (1968-79). Who played Shirley?
a) Penny Marshall    b) Valerie Harper    c) Cindy Williams    d) Suzanne Somers

9) Where did Fonzie live?
a) In back of Arnold's   b) In the Cunningham's garage   c) In the Cunningham's basement   d) In his own apartment

10) How many kids did the Waltons have?  
a) 2     b) 4     c) 6     d) 8

11) Where did Mary Richards live in the Mary Tyler Moore show?
a) Washington, D.C.        b) San Francisco        c) Minneapolis      d) Milwaukee

12) Who played the mom on The Brady Bunch for its entire run from 1969 - 1974?
a) Shirley Jones      b) Florence Henderson      c) Shelley Long       d) Shelley Winters  

13) The final episode of M*A*S*H was by some measures the most-watched TV program of all time. When did it air?
a) March 15, 1984  b) Dec. 7, 1983  c) Feb. 28, 1983   d) Nov. 23, 1981

14) Who shot J. R. in the final episode of the 1979-1980 season?
a) Kristin Shepard    b) Bobby Ewing    c) Sue Ellen Ewing    d) Clayton Farlow

15) Who was not an original Charlie's Angel?
a) Farrah Fawcett     b) Jaclyn Smith     c) Cameron Diaz     d) Kate Jackson 

Bonus Question:  What series was named the greatest TV show of all time by TV Guide?
a) All in the Family    b) The Honeymooners    c) I Love Lucy    d) Seinfeld

See next blog post, on Fri., Jan. 4, for the answers.


schmidleysscribblins,wordpress.com said...

I hate to break it to you, but my parents who were born in 1913 and 1916 watched these shows. Dianne

Stephen Hayes said...

I think I got all but two of these. I'll wait until the 4th for the answers. Happy New Year.

MerCyn said...

I know most of them but was not a Dallas fan. Will check on Friday to see how many I got right!

June said...

I'm iffy on six of these! I'm surprised. I thought I'd burn through them all.

Jono said...

I'm guessing on two, but too lazy to look them up. I'll just wait.

#1Nana said...

IF I were to take a quiz on current TV shows I would not be able to answer many questions and would not even know the shows. I knew all of these shows, even if I didn't know all the answers. Life was easier when we had a lot less channels!

joared said...

I'm no Boomer, but some of the shows were of interest to my generation. Others were like shows of my day, popular with some but selective viewing eliminated quite a few -- not what I'd consider classics.