Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Week of Easy-to-Prepare Recipes

     B is away for the week, taking her son to San Francisco as a graduation present, so I've been cooking for myself this week. I've come up with some pretty good, easy-to-prepare dishes, and I thought you might be interested . . . you know, for the next time you find yourself cooking for one.

     Here's my week's menu. I only include the dinner selections, since I eat the same thing every day for breakfast -- cereal with 1% milk and instant coffee.1 And I generally do not eat lunch.

Sunday: Step 1
     Just a quick note of explanation. First of all, I have included footnotes in this post, so my apologies to those of you who have not gone to college. But please note . . . I mean, nota bene, this blog aspires to high academic standards.

     You'll also notice that I've managed to put together a pretty well balanced diet, with plenty of carbohydrates, and . . . more carbohydrates. And then more . . .  well, you be the judge.

     Sunday:   Entree:  Leftovers.   Recipe:  Open refrigerator; locate plastic containers; select items that don't smell too funky; microwave to taste.

     Monday:   Entree:  Pretzels and a peach.  Recipe:  Open bag of pretzels; wash off peach that B left on the kitchen counter.

     Tuesday:   Entree:  Takeout Chinese.   Recipe:  Call local Chinese restaurant; go pick up bag and give them $15.

The Wednesday special
     Wednesday:  Entree:  Cereal.   Recipe:  Get box of cereal,2 pour in 1% milk.

     Thursday:   Entree:  Turkey sandwich.   Recipe:  Drive to deli; order turkey sandwich on a roll; don't forget the vegetable (i.e. lettuce).

     Friday:   Entree:  Eggs.3   Recipe:  Go to refrigerator; get two hard-boiled eggs -- the ones that B marked with a "C" for cooked -- peel, rinse, salt and eat.

     Some of you may have noticed I haven't mentioned dessert. That's because I have the same thing every night for dessert: ice cream. My drink is water.4 So, what do you think . . . healthy diet? Anyway . . . 

     Saturday:  B returns home. Take her out to dinner.


1. For  those of you offended by instant coffee check out What Do YOU Drink in the Morning? for an explanation.
2  Not the same kind you had for breakfast. 
3. No meat on Fridays; a relic of my Catholic upbringing. 
4. Thought about having a couple of beers on Thursday, but the deli didn't stock my brand.


Retired Syd said...

I eat a lot like you do when my husband is away (he's the cook in our family.) Before we were married I ate yogurt for breakfast and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner pretty much every day (lunch out at the office.)

Now I have acquired an advance cooking skill, the omelette which I eat for lunch every day (filled with roasted vegetables and cheese.)

I get a lot more variety when Doug is home.

My Life said...

Is there a Trader Joe's in your area? Great stuff. Very healthy. Not too too expensive. Microwave safe. Enjoy.

June said...

You won't get fat on that diet!
I'd skip all that stuff and go straight to the ice cream.
I am fat.

Stephen Hayes said...

This sounds like a healthy diet to me. I eat much worse than this when the wife is away.

Arkansas Patti said...

Ha ha, you are so male. Good thing B wasn't gone for long:)) Funny post.

Olga said...

This made me laugh. I think you have Mike beat for vegetable intake if left to his own devices.
I always make spaghetti when Mike is away. He won't et red sauce.

schmidleysscribblins, said...

Whatever works, works. In Weight Watchers you can eat whatever as long as you don't go over your point limit. I have lost 15 pounds this way. No good and bad things, but veggies and fruits are free. Like it. Dianne

PS I eat cereal for my evening meal too, but cook something for our lunch. Today is was bacon and eggs. Otherwise, I have 3 cups of expresso for lunch, one for middday and one for evening treat while we watch The Five on Fox. Don't eat IC without WW logo. Dianne

schmidleysscribblins, said...

Three cups of espresso for breakfast while I read the NY Times. Got my meals mixed up.

Don't want you to think I am unbalanced or anything. D.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

It includes all food groups .... perfect .
The only thing I'd change would be the coffee . I'm too lazy to make instant ( find jar , twist open , find spoon , boil water etc. etc. ) ... I use a coffee machine .... filter , coffee and water in ... wait , drink hot coffee )

Anonymous said...

haha thanks for the laughs, very funny. Here's to being lazy!!

Anonymous said...

One more recommendation for Coffee: drive to McDonalds, walk to counter, ask for "senior coffee", pay $ 54 cents. (optional: get free refill). ~ Nancy Mehegan