Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Short Vacation

     In my last post I wrote about working in retirement, and I don't know if it's karma or coincidence or what, but a day later I got a call about a relatively major assignment. The job will take me just about a month.

     I also have to go to a wedding (the daughter of a friend), and make a four-day trip to Washington, DC -- nothing to do with the job, the job will mostly keep me sitting behind my computer. I'm meeting my daughter in Washington, and the family is using the opportunity to get together for a little holiday celebration.

     If my daughter is not too exhausted. She has taken part in the Ride for World Health, a two-month bicycle trip starting in San Diego and arriving in Washington, DC, over this coming weekend of June 2-3. The annual event is designed to increase health awareness and also raise funds for various nonprofit health organizations.

     So anyway, I'll be taking a brief blog vacation. For the month of June.

Ride for World Health route, April - June 2012
     I've noticed that others have taken "blogcations" now and then. I wonder:  Has your time off re-energized your blogging batteries and given you lots of new ideas?

     I'll post one "Blogging Boomers Carnival" in the middle of the month, because I'm on the schedule. Then I'll be back for real in July. I figure the blogging conversation will go on just fine without my little scribblings while I'm away.

     In the meantime, if you're so inclined, you can peruse back through the 197 blog posts that I've made since starting this exercise at the end of 2010. Or if you haven't taken one of my quizzes, scroll down to the Pages tab on the right and find out:  "Are You a Baby Boomer?" or see if you know:  "Are These Baby Boomer Icons Dead or Alive?"

     See you on July 1!


Olga said...

This sounds like a happy way to spend the month of June. Best luck to your daughter.

MerCyn said...

have a great vacation and will be waiting for new posts in June. And congratulations to your daughter - that is an awesome undertaking and great achievement.

schmidleysscribblins, said...

Well, I for one will miss you, but needs must. D~

Linda Myers said...

Good idea to take a break. Have a great June!

Jen said...

I'll wave to you at the airport. I am headed home from BWI after spending a week in DC with my daughter's family.
I think a blogcation is a good idea. Enjoy and revive!

Kay Dennison said...

Have a great vacation!!!! And tell your daughter I applaud her effort for such a worthy cause!!!!

We'll be waiting for you!!!

Friko said...

Actually, people don't really miss you/one, although they might say they will. It's just a phrase and a kindness. There are too many bloggers to keep up with everybody all the time, even in one's own little pond.

A blogcation is a good idea; we all get stale and it does no harm to get away from the treadmill and into life away from blogging.

See you when you get back.

Retired Syd said...

I found a little blogcation to be a great help, both to the longevity of my blog (a recharge really did recharge), as well as just changing focus of my days. NIce to just not think about it for a period of time. We'll all still be here when you get back, ready to read about whatever inspired you!

Enjoy the time "off."

Arkansas Patti said...

Wow, that is an amazing trip your daughter is planning. Enjoy your time away from us. It really does charge the batteries.
See ya in July.

#1Nana said...

Have a great vacation. It is hard to come back to blogging once you fall out of the habit. I haven't gotten back on schedule yet.

Warren Lieberman said...

Don't stop the blog for a vacation, just make shorter blogs or "bank" a few ahead of time and post later. Nice blog. I have added your link to my blog "65 and Alive."