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Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Perfect Food

     So we finally made it to our favorite ice-cream stand, called Sundae School, located in Harwichport, Mass., with two other Cape Cod locations, one in Dennisport, the other in Orleans.

     Sundae School ice cream is advertised as home made. I don't know exactly what that means. But it's rich and creamy, without being overly thick or solid (like Haagen Daz or Ben & Jerry's which in my opinion are so thick they leave you gagging). And the flavors are true and authentic. The coconut tastes like real coconut, not artificial. The mint tastes like real mint, without the toothpasty overtone that some mint ice cream has.

The front door

     In other words, Sundae School has the perfect ice cream. Which in my book means it has the perfect food.

     The first night I had a cup of mint chocolate chip. That's my favorite flavor of the moment. B had a strawberry sundae with hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry. B is my wife, and she loves me. But she loves me more when I buy her some ice cream draped in spoonfuls of hot fudge. (But she wants everyone to know, she it was a small sundae, not the large . . . "It's not even a real sundae," she told me daintily, "it's just one scoop with hot fudge.")

Where the fun begins

     The second night I decided to really indulge myself. Because we're on vacation. Because I'm worth it. Because we only do this once a year. I ordered a butterscotch sundae with marshmallow topping. A real one, not just one scoop. And I ate the whole thing, with no regrets (minus the obligatory bite that my wife always takes).

     B just had a small cup of strawberry ice cream. So I guess you can tell, her favorite flavor is strawberry. Mine is, as I said, mint chocolate chip, followed by vanilla (usually with rainbow sprinkles), and then regular chocolate chip. I also like peach ice cream, when they have it, but peach ice cream is hard to find.

The piece de resistance

     I'm sure we all have our own favorite flavors, and our own favorite local ice-cream stands. But in case you think I'm just bragging, on its website Sundae School points out that it was named one of the "Best Ice Cream Spots in the U. S." by Food and Wine magazine. And it was ranked #5 in the country by USA Today.

     Which begs the question: What was rated #1? A place called Moomers Homemade Ice Cream, in Traverse City, Mich.

     Hmmmm.  Maybe next summer we should plan a trip to Michigan . . . unless you have a better idea.


Olga said...

As a Vermonter I suppose I should take umbrage with the Ben & Jerry's comment except I totally agree. The goal seems to be to cram as many different flavors and tidbits into a pint. It just makes me gag.

Rian said...

Ice-cream is DH's favorite food too. I like it, but can do without it (with maybe the exception of home-made Peach!). But I don't think you or B should ever regret indulging... especially since you only do it so seldom. IMO you should enjoy your ice-cream (just don't overdo or do it daily). Sounds like you are both having a wonderful time. Enjoy!

Wisewebwoman said...

I've checked out a few year but haven't made it to what is the best even tho it is close by, called MooMoos. Must do so. You have inspired me.
My favourite would be mooseprints and my gawd I love a decent vanilla, hard to find. I was raised on homemade with real eggs and fresh cream so wrecked for life.


Linda Myers said...

Oh, gosh. You've made the chocolate peanut butter ice cream in my freezer - I don't even remember the brand! - sound very inadequate.

I love homemade peach ice cream, but it's been years - probably decades - since I've had any.

gigi-hawaii said...

I love ice cream, too, but have to abstain as much as possible due to high cholesterol.

DJan said...

Do they have coffee ice cream? That's my favorite, especially cappuccino chocolate chip. Yum! :-)

Anonymous said...

OK, Tom. Go to Traverse City next summer. Check out Moomer's Ice Cream. You'll love it. But you should also play a round of golf at Arcadia Bluffs - it's sensational.

Gail, northern California said...

Hello Tom. A quick skip from "Going Gently", I found myself here enjoying your blog. You're now bookmarked. Love the way you write ("There's a hot dog bun under there somewhere.)

I live in Northern California--about an hour inland from the Pacific Ocean and magnificent rugged coastline that is Mendocino. Traveling north you would find our "Sunday School ice cream" equivalent in the seaside town of Ft.Bragg, a delightful ice cream parlor named "Cowlicks". Yum.

Pray. Tell. Who can eat just one tiny scoop of ice cream? Your wife is a saint.

Janis said...

When traveling, my go-to flavor is black licorice (yeah, I know... weird). Have you ever had a malted made with peach ice cream? Drink of the gods.

Tom said...

Traverse City, Ft. Bragg ... I'm already starting to put together my itinerary for next summer. Black licorice ... really?

Anonymous said...

In the pacific northwest specifically Oregon and Washington Tillamook ice cream rules, it is decadent and wonderful...The creamery as it now known in Tillamook Oregon is out of this world with their ice cream flavors and their food..Oh, my goodness sakes alive, the summer flavors are outstanding but one cannot go wrong with their Oregon marionberry or their Oregon strawberry..their chocolate flavors are so dadblasted good. Many people come from all over the world to indulge in fact Crater Lake which is in the southern part of Oregon and which one has to make reservations up to one year to visit doesn't get as many visitors as the The Creaner=y...I like the old creamery but the new Creamery is a ice cream lovers and cheese and dairy paradise..In fact Tillamook is rated number one out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janette said...

I second Tillamook! My local dairy makes ice cream according to what it in season-strawberry, beach, blueberry. Otherwise they are simply chocolate or vanilla. Perfection in a bowl.

Tabor said...

stop...just stop. I think I gained 3 pounds just reading this post.