Monday, March 9, 2015

A Trip Down Memory Lane

     Please don't ask me any embarrassing questions about why I've never done this before. But over the weekend I finally downloaded the photos from my smartphone -- the ones I've taken over the past couple of years, ever since I first got the phone. That's right, in the over two years since I've owned the phone, I've never bothered to do this  . . . even though when I finally decided to figure it out, it took me about 30 seconds.

     Anyway, the bonus is, the exercise offered me a little trip down Memory Lane. This first photo is from someplace in Florida. Don't remember when, or where. Ft. Lauderdale? Key West? Naples? Does anyone recognize the street?

     We were shopping for a new microwave. So this is our new Samsung microwave . . . or, our new microwave as it looked in the store two years ago.

     The view from my office window. Obviously, not last week. This was, probably, the summer before last.

     I featured this photo in my post The First Pictures, back in 2013, when I got the phone and when the government was suffering its infamous shut down. I thought the bar owner was making the best of a bad situation. (No, I didn't go in the bar . . . maybe I should have!)

     I posted this photo in Look What I Found! I had lost my camera when vacationing on Cape Cod. B and I looked everywhere for it. The camera finally turned up, about two months later, when I brought the car in to the car wash and they vacuumed the interior. There it is, in my nice clean car! Sure enough, it had been stuck somewhere under a seat.

     A street scene from the Philadelphia "Fall Into the Arts Festival" in October 2013.

     B and I went ice skating last winter at Bear Mountain, on the Hudson River. That's the Bear Mountain Bridge in the background.

     B and I visited Buffalo last summer, and we found this piece of artwork down at the park by the lake. It's made out of small pieces of scrap paper. See how it outlines the Great Lakes? Okay, here's a quiz for you: Can you name the five Great Lakes? (Answer below.)

     Finally, the end-of-summer bonfire on Nauset Beach, Cape Cod, last September -- a big bonfire to usher in a long, cold winter. But winter is over now. It hit 46 degrees here in New York yesterday afternoon.

     P.S. The Great Lakes are: Ontario, Erie, Huron, Michigan, Superior. Did you remember them all? If so, here's your advanced-placement question: Name the Finger Lakes in upstate New York. How many can you get? (I'll supply the answer next post, because . . . heck I don't know what they are, I have to look them up!).


DJan said...

What a fun stroll down Memory Lane with you, Tom. I once lived in Michigan and could have named the Great Lakes then, but somehow when I tried this morning, I failed to remember them all. :-(

Anonymous said...

Yes, Michigan, Huron, Erie, Superior and Ontario....I think! I know Superior and Michigan best having visited them every summer for many years.

You can have Cape Cod and New England, I'll take Wisconsin in August and the Brat Festival.

Anonymous said...

No I can't name the lakes in New York, but I know Cornell University is near the Finger Lakes and people who live around these lakes produce great summer gardens and write garden books.

Can you name the ends of the Niagara escarpment? Clue: Niagara Falls is at one end.

Or bonus: name the lake next to New Orleans?

JudyC said...

Always remembered the Great Lakes by using the work HOMES. Each letter begins the name of one of the lakes. Guess I learned this in elementary school. Can't name any Finger Lakes.

Olga Hebert said...

I learned the HOMES mnemonic too. I think the car wash people must be very thorough!

Stephen Hayes said...

When my dad passed away I found one of his old cameras, with film in it. When I had the film developed there were Christmas pictures inside from when I was six or seven years old. It was like I'd discovered a time machine.

Friko said...

So would I, so I’ll wait until you’ve looked them up.

Perhaps I’ll have to leave the pictures on my phone, rather than down-loading them instantly just to get a nice reminder of places I’ve visited. deferred pleasure.

JHawk23 said...

A fun and interesting review of your snaps. Shows how the idea of a camera you always have with you can really help catch some memories you'd miss otherwise (loved the Great Lakes).

I use my "phone" these days far more often as a camera (or a calculator, a notepad, a thermometer, or a text device) than actually as a phone. Probably a lot of people do.

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to buy a smart phone. But, I probably will stick with my Canon camera which fits nicely in my purse.

Linda Myers said...

Love the view from your office window.

Anonymous said...

What some of us is the old PDA - with all of the attributes of a smart phone except actual phoning!
(I average 11 minutes of phone time per month, the last I checked with Verizon.)
Cop Car

Anonymous said...

What some of us NEED is....

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