Sunday, June 14, 2020

What's On Your Mind?

     Are you getting fed up with the Coronavirus pandemic and stay-at-home orders and wearing masks and social distancing? Well, if you are, so are we.

     Yes, a roundup of Baby Boomer blogs starts with the pandemic -- how can it not? -- but then it goes on to the personal, the practical, the political and more.

     The Pandemic -- Carol Cassara realizes that everyone has responded to Covid-19 differently, but the root of their behaviors might not be so obvious. In her post Discovering Hidden Ways the Pandemic Is Impacting Us Cassara reveals some of her own sometimes-mysterious pandemic behaviors -- and what she discovered about where they actually came from.

Responding to pandemic
     The Personal -- For Laurie Stone of Musings, Rants & Scribbles, summer reminds her of Cape Cod. And Cape Cod reminds her of her grandmother Nana. In her essay Summer of Pineapple and Tuna Fish she reflects on a special time she spent with Nana on the Cape a long time ago.

     Another personal note. For the first time since 2004, B and I will not be vacationing on Cape Cod. The woman who owns our usual rental told us that because of Covid-19 her family decided not to rent the house at all this summer. So we are trying to do a different trip . . . more on that in an upcoming post.

     The Practical -- Rebecca Olkowski with comes to the aid of any retiree who might want some extra income, or who is bored staying home with no work to do. She interviewed a business coach with the unlikely name of Winton Churchill who helps Baby Boomers work online and "earn from anywhere" as he puts it. Check out Become a Freelancer for some tips on how to profit from the gig economy, even if you're a retiree. And if you hang on until the very end you can catch the "almost" live stream of the interview itself.

     The Political -- Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting says we can't avoid  the political season, the hype is everywhere. She has been bombarded not only by the national ads but by local campaigns as well. In Primarily Voting from My Couch she summarizes a noteworthy local contest -- one that involves a very familiar name.

     The Price -- On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide Rita R. Robison reminds us in Price Information About Funeral Costs that funeral homes are required to provide their price lists to consumers. Yet a 2018 investigation by the Federal Trade Commission found failures to disclose timely information in 20% of the funeral homes they visited. So you should know: Some funeral homes post price information on their websites; but whether they do or not, you should be able to get prices over the phone before you make funeral arrangements.

     The Pondering -- Jennifer Kolshak of Unfold and Begin says she has been pondering a lot of things lately. Some of us bloggers might relate to the latest issue she's considering: Do I Really Have a Niche-less Blog?

A real progressive
     The Philosophical. Kathy Gottberg on SmartLiving365 offers something different -- a vlog called Why Rightsizing Is More Important Than Ever. Tune in for the discussion she has with her husband about . . . well, like I said, it's philosophical, so it's about how to live your life.

     The Progressive. Finally, I think of myself as a progressive (with a small p), but not necessarily a part of the current capital-P Progressive political movement. Be that as it may, if you've been affected at all by Black Lives Matter and George Floyd and everything else, I'd recommend watching I Am Not Your Negro, a documentary about James Baldwin that is now available on Amazon Prime.


Carol Cassara said...

What a lovely compilation for a Sunday afternoon in June,Tom!

Arkansas Patti said...

Thanks for all the interesting links to check out.
Wish I had Amazon Prime but not yet. That sounds interesting.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

All great ways of coping. The Covid paralleling the black lives matter has just added a serious issue on top of an already tough one. I saw the Video. There are many more. People have been rivals for centuries and this sad issue of attacks on innocent blacks will need a great deal of education in many places. It is awful but others from ethnic groups get targeted too. It is an ugly side of human nature.
Hope you find a nice vacation spot. We remain on full lockdown in GTA till June 19 when it will be reviewed.

Kay said...

This is a great list of very interesting blogs. I admit I’m getting rather tired of the stay-at-home necessity too, but not enough to take a chance on catching it.

Anonymous said...

Washington state has to provide funeral costs up front..One soon can put ones loved ones remains or whole body in a shallow grave in an appropriate land place..I hope I am typing it correctly...Funeral businesses are a no no in my book just like indian casinos and gambling...One should enjooy ones life and leave what will happen to ones body to a loved one who agrees with ones wishes..We have buried 3 family members services were provided by the temple and a rabbi, they were wonderful..the two others we had cremations and the cremains scattered to a beautiful place they enjoyed while alive.. This pandemic has caused the largest funeral home in this county to burst with profits it was in the local newspaper..Just like I have always thought funeral places are money making and most don't give a tinker about the family left behind..just my thoughts, enjoy your blog and your musings on many many subjects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Janette said...

I'll check out "I am Not Your Negro".
We have had some amazing multigenerational discussions about words. One that lasted several days was the use of "boy or girl (gal) when speaking about adults. I'll leave it there for you to ponder.
I came to the conclusion over this time that my generation really needs to step back and let the 30-50 year olds take over in politics. They were brought up by us- but in a totally different world. That we have two seventy something white men running to be in charge in this very different world, with their background of treatment of women and minorities, is disappointing.
I just wish our political process could reboot. "We" laid good tracks, worked hard, but we just are not on the same train as the generation who is living it now.
I am listening. They don't want crazy, they want a dynamic shift. Too bad there really wont be conventions this year!

Wisewebwoman said...

Great post Tom. I particularly like Janette' comment above and would truly like to see the millenials take over a huge chunk of politicas as those I engage with are of a truly different breed full of new hope, direction and ideas. These white old men have to be banished forever before our planet blows up.

I was recently gifted Amazon by Niece so will check out your rec.


Tom said...

Well, I know some smart, competent young people, and might even support a form of term limits for our elected officials in Washington. But, personally, um ... I have nothing against old white men.

Rebecca Olkowski said...

Thanks, Tom. I loved all the posts. So interesting and with all sorts of different perspectives.

Carol said...

A good post with some interesting links and a lively conversation in comments ��