Sunday, March 25, 2018

A Potpourri of Blogs

     I remember when I met my first wife, her job was to write and edit her company newsletter. It was a non-glossy 8-to-12 page monthly called Potpourri.

     "Why Potpourri?" I asked her.

     "Well, it's a mixture of things," she explained. "A little bit of this, a little bit of that. A gathering of news and various items from around the company."

     At first I thought the name was pretty lame. Just a placeholder, really, because they couldn't think of anything better. But as I considered the name over time, I realized it was pretty good. Better than Miscellany, or Gatherings, or Tidbits. Besides, potpourri smells good!

     So . . . take a whiff of this potpourri of blogging topics from our company of baby boomers.

     Six Decades and Counting -- Meryl Baer says one of the benefits of retirement is the time to try new things. So prodded by a friend of hers, she attended a class inspired by the New Age spiritual/consciousness-raising movement. In Energizing Spiritually? she reports on her somewhat successful experience.

Carter's before ...
     Unfold and Begin -- Jennifer Koshack just realized that time has sneaked up on her, and so even before she realized it, she found that she's celebrating an unusual anniversary. A year has gone by since the closing of the call center where she had worked for the last 25 years. This week she shares a throwback post called Endings Are a Time for New Beginnings -- which may just inspire you to follow your passion.

     Adventures of the New Old Farts -- Laura Lee Carter is running a selection from her book Memoir of Retirement: From Suburban to Solar in Rural Colorado. The piece, Remodeling and Menopause, reminds us that small changes in our 40s can lead to major life transitions later on.

and after. A metaphor?
     The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide -- Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, reports on U. S. Cities Where Consumers Have the Highest, and the Lowest, Credit Scores. In case you don't know, a credit score is a number that predicts the risk that a person will become delinquent on their credit obligations over the following 24 months. Hint: the highest scoring city is in Florida (but not where you'd expect), and the lowest is in New Jersey (exactly where you'd expect).

     A Healing Spirit -- Carol Cassara reminds us in Stubbornness Is an Obstacle to Healing that so many of us hold on to "that's the way I am" even when it no longer serves our own well-being. She addresses how stubbornness can keep folks from trying different treatments, and in some cases actually hinder healing.

     BabyBoomster -- Rebecca Olkowski points out that March is Women's History month. She met with a group of women in Sherman Oaks, CA, and in Entrepreneurs Celebrate Women's History Month reports on their discussions about what makes a good leader in business. She also found out that more women than men are opening new businesses, which "may be a result of women having better organizational skills than men, an eye for detail, and more compassion."

     SmartLiving 365 -- Kathy Gottberg is traveling this week, so she enlisted Haralee Weintraub as a guest blogger. Weintraub offers some practical advice in 10 Suggestions to Rightsize Your Wardrobe -- including a couple of links to online second-hand sites.

     Sizzling Toward Sixty & Beyond -- Sue Loncaric has taken up the Blogging From A to Z Challenge. (She did it last year as well.) This involves publishing a post for 26 days based on a particular theme, and working through them from A to Z. This week she reveals her theme, which you can find out at her A to Z Guide to . . . Wait a second, I'm not going to spoil it -- you'll have to click over there yourself to find out!


DJan said...

I always enjoy your potpourri of blogs to visit. :-)

Meryl Baer said...

Great job!

Laura Lee Carter said...


John Gray said...

Off. To read some newblogsx

Sue Loncaric said...

A perfect title Tom - potpourri sounds so exotic! have a great week!

retirementreflections said...

This is indeed a wonderful potpourri of blogs, Tom! Thank you for sharing these summaries!

Christie Hawkes said...

Thanks Tom for the blog potpourri. I'm always looking for new blogs, and it's nice to have so many recommended in one place. By the way, I found yours through your comment on Lynn's guest post at Retirement Reflections. Have a lovely day. I'm off to visit a few of the blogs you mentioned.


Rebecca Olkowski said...

Thanks for all the great posts, Tom and for squeezing me in late. LOL

Jono said...

Fun stuff! I love the variety of the blogosphere.

Still the Lucky Few said...

An excellent sampling of the blogs you regularly read Tom! I guess I'll know I've arrived when you include a tidbit from my blog LOL! Never mind—you no doubt have enough bloggers knocking on your door! I always enjoy the variety you offer us.

Jennifer Koshak said...

Thanks for sharing this week. Love it.

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