Sunday, January 1, 2017

Are These Baby Boomer Icons Dead or Alive?

     Time does not go by so slowly, as the old Righteous Brothers* song, "Unchained Melody" claims. It actually goes by quickly, and sometimes we get so involved in our own lives, we lose track of what's going on elsewhere in the world -- who is still with us and who has passed on.

     Do you think it's morbid to guess whether these people are alive or dead? All these Baby Boomer icons have seen their time come and go, whether they're still alive or not. But I think they would be thankful if we pause -- now updated as of the beginning of 2017 -- and remember their contributions to our lives in terms of what they did, what they meant to us, and where they may be today.

     So in that spirit, can you guess: Who among these Baby Boomer icons is alive? And who is dead?

     1)  1996 presidential candidate Bob Dole                          Alive  or   Dead

     2)  Notorious Washington DC mayor Marion Barry            Alive       Dead

     3)  Singer Dion DiMucci                                                     Alive       Dead

     4)  Actress Annette Funicello                                              Alive       Dead

     5)  Jurassic Park writer Michael Crichton                           Alive       Dead

     6)  Actor Kirk Douglas                                                         Alive     Dead

     7)  Roots author Alex Haley                                                Alive     Dead

     8)  Actress Julie Andrews         Alive     Dead

     9)  Activist Rosa Parks             Alive     Dead
    10) TV host Dick Cavett            Alive     Dead

    11) Singer Diana Ross               Alive     Dead

    12) Psychologist Joyce Brothers                                          Alive     Dead

    13) Basketball player and politician Bill Bradley                   Alive     Dead

    14) 1988 Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis                Alive     Dead

    15) Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill                             Alive     Dead

     For the answers, check back here later in the week. Meantime, Happy New Year to everybody, and may we all thrive in 2017!
     * Bobby Hatfield of the Righteous Brothers died at age 63 in 2003, while Bill Medley (they were not actually brothers) continues to perform as a soloist, as well as with Bucky Heard as a new Righteous Brother.


Debby said...

1) Bob Dole -Alive
2) DC mayor Marion Barry Dead
3) Singer Dion DiMucci Dead 4) Actress Annette Funicello Dead
5) Jurassic Park writer Michael Crichton Dead
6) Actor Kirk Douglas Alive
7) Roots author Alex Haley Dead
8) Actress Julie Andrews Alive
9) Activist Rosa Parks Dead
10) TV host Dick Cavett Dead
11) Singer Diana Ross Alive
12) Psychologist Joyce Brothers Dead
13) Basketball player and politician Bill Bradley Dead
14) 1988 Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis Dead
15) Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill Alive

retirementreflections said...

Wow, without Googling, I really have no idea for so many listed. I originally thought that this would be much easier! (:

Barbara said...

Dang I didn't know some of these guys died. Was I asleep those days? Look forward to seeing all your answers.

Tom Sightings said...

Debby, you got a lot of them right, a few of them wrong. For example ... oh, wait, I'll give all the answers in a cpl of days. And Barbara, it's not that you're asleep; it's that time goes by so quickly!

Janette said...

I wrote my answers down.
SOOO tempted to google!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your answers, Tom.

Easin' Along said...

I'm sure that I failed the test, but I was fortunate to have met two of those listed in my lifetime...Alex Haley and Diana Ross. I would love to hear from your readers who have had a similar experience. Great post!

Jono said...

I didn't think this would be very difficult. I was wrong.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Sadly there are many I never heard of. I guess it's a Canadian thing or my lousy old boomer memory? I do know Julie Andrews is alive and Annette Funicello is dead. Diana Ross is somewhere alive and so is Douglas Kirk. The other names are not known to me 😔

joared said...

Brain is too tired tonight -- so I'll wait for the list.

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