Friday, January 10, 2014

Wasting Away in Floridaville

     When you come to Florida, and the weather is bad, there isn't much to do. Yesterday we watched some of the Chris Christie press conference about bridge-gate, or whatever they're calling it. Apparently one of his aides closed some traffic lanes leading up to the George Washington Bridge, as part of a "traffic study," but really in retaliation against the mayor of Fort Lee because he hadn't supported Christie in his bid for re-election.

Selling firewood in Florida
     The whole thing didn't make a lot of sense to us, since Christie is a Republican and the mayor of Fort Lee is a Democrat, so why would the governor expect that the mayor would support him? Besides, how would causing problems on the highway adversely affect the mayor of Fort Lee? Drivers wouldn't get mad at the mayor -- most people probably aren't even aware that they're in Fort Lee as they approach the George Washington Bridge -- they'd more likely get mad at the New Jersey state transportation authority, and blame the governor.

     Well, I don't know how these things work. I confess that I like Governor Chris Christie. He has a reputation as someone who's tough and straightforward, who can actually run the government without selling out to this special interest or that group of political hacks. As I watched the press conference I was thinking:  He's doing a good job; he's standing up to tough questioning and seems to be convincing; and he's hardly breaking a sweat. But ... I'm not quite buying it.

Gray skies over paradise
     Anyway, here in Florida there's usually more talk about the weather than there is about national politics. But when it's cold and cloudy, people don't wax so eloquently about the sun and the balmy breezes. It's 30 degrees warmer here than it is at home up in NewYork. But that's cold comfort when you're shivering in your light summer jacket.

     So we didn't get to play golf; didn't go to the beach. We did don a sweater and go over to the driving range to hit a few golf balls. We had a putting contest (I won!). But we're not getting the full flavor of the tropics in winter.

     Instead, we talked a lot about where we would go to dinner; and what else we could do; and sat around and read our books. We got so desperate we went to an art museum yesterday afternoon.

     We drove over to a bar down by the beach for dinner; then last night we went to a more upscale place overlooking a gray and roiling Atlantic Ocean.

     But this morning the thermometer reads 68 degrees, and the clouds are breaking up. Yes, the real Florida will be upon us soon enough.


DJan said...

I'm visiting my sister in Florida the first week of February, so I'm hoping for some nice sunshine and warm temperatures. Bummer to go there and have such icky weather!

Tabor said...

I have visited Florida enough to know that it can turn nasty for weeks at a time. Still it is warmer than my neck of the woods. It is a culture thing with Christie. Since he tells people to shut-up in press conferences and yells at a teacher who asked him a question, he does not have the manners to be a good leader. With that kind of yelling, I am not surprised that his staff thought they could get away with anything.

rosaria williams said...

We couldn't stand the humidity when we lived in Florida. I do hope you get your tropical sun back.

Anonymous said...

I am really glad you wrote this. You asked the pertinent questions. Christie has to think of the big leagues now or he hasn't a prayer in 2016. If a staffer really does these things she should be fired. Looks like the silly season started early, which tells you how fed up many folks are with the current political mess.

Given you did nothing much yesterday you managed to write a nice post…Dianne

Stephen Hayes said...

Christie knew about this. If he didn't he certainly knew something was up after Day#1 of the worst traffic jam in years, but for another three days he did nothing? Don't buy it.

Olga said...

I have found that none--not one--of my friends and family up north have any sympathy when I mention that it is cold in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, if I like my health insurance plan and my doctor, I can keep them. Plus I'll save around $2500 a year when I make the switch to the ACA.
What difference does it make why those 4 Americans got killed in Benghazi?
So what if the Taliban is making a resurgence in Iraq? So what if all those soldiers lost their limbs or lives for nothing? At least America is balancing its budget, right?
So what if 13.1 million Americans have given up looking for a job. Let's just extend unemployment benefits and make these people beggars for the rest of their lives.
So what if the NSA reads every single one of your emails, social media posts, spy on you 24/7/365 or listen in to your phone calls?
What? The IRS was vindictive towards conservative groups and denied them non-profit tax exempt status for like years?
And if you speak out against you-know-who, you'll get audited? Or sued? Like for days/months/years on end.

Let's see....let me weigh all of the above on one hand and the millions of Americans it affected and then weigh a traffic tie up on the GW Bridge, that only affected drivers in the tri-state area (like New Jersey) and figure out what's really important in life. Duh.

Have fun in Florida. It's a right-to-work state, which means there are no unions. Firearms are legal. Oh, and Jesus lives here too. Hope you're not offended when you see a cross or nativity scene. I'll let him know you'd like some sun. Coming right up.

Hauola said...

Recently found your blog site and I am enjoying it from first an educational standpoint, and then of course, the entertainment factor you lend to it is surprisingly astute. Grew up in southeastern CT, and have lived in WA state for 35 years. In the East folks "seasonally commute" between points north & FL, and here it is a given the seasonal migrations are between points north & southern CA, AZ & NM. All seeking the sun, moderate temps and dry, not necessarily in that order. As a seasoned Pacific Northwest transplant I can only advise clothing layers are key and apparently so recently in FL.

Tom Sightings said...

Well Anon., I was feeling pretty good until I read your reply. Now I think I'm going to stick my head back in the Florida sand! But actually, I think most of these stories are kind of like a Rorschach test ... one person's bully is another person's strong, confident leader. As for me, I think to be a politician today you have to at least be a narcissist, and maybe even a psychopath. I guess it's how they use those twisted personalities that counts.

Anyway, Hauola, welcome to Sightings Over Sixty. And Olga, I'm so sorry about the lack of sympathy from your friends back north. I have the same problem!

#1Nana said...

Time to change your settings on who can post comments! I think those who want to make nasty comments need to stand up and be recognized. Hiding behind "anonymous" is chickenshit! Ugh...that's how I really feel.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Ugh to Anonymous-- I changed my setting so they can't post.

I like Christie too but I think if he knew what was going on he'd have fessed up to it. Of course we'll never know and the press will never let us forget.

Hope you have lovely Florida weather. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Just to make it clear: the above anonymous comment did not come from me. I do forget to "sign" my comments, on occasion, but that was not an instance.
Cop Car

Dick Klade said...

I quickly delete any comment from any "anonymous." Posting that was is cowardly.

Dick Klade said...

oops . . meant to type "way," not "was"

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Linda Myers said...

We spend the winter in Tucson. I don't need warm - just sun. Reliably.

Anonymous said...

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