Sunday, July 21, 2013

Where Are We?

     B and I have been away for the past week. Someone told me at home the temperature reached 100 degrees. I can't verify that. But I did see a photo of a digital thermometer posted on Facebook by a friend of mine. It read 99 degrees.

     It's been hot where we are, too, but nowhere near 100. It's a little cooler not because we're in the mountains (as guessed last week by DJan), but because we're at the seashore. We've had to deal with the humidity, with no air conditioning, but we've enjoyed a constant sea breeze, and we've made daily trips to the sandy beach, where the water is 70 degrees, or else pedaled four miles along the bike trail to the lake, where the water is 75 degrees.

     So how long will it take you to figure out where we are?

Here's the quaint village home we rented

We didn't dine at The Port (too expensive) or the Oyster Bar (too oystery)

We didn't go to the Sea Grille either (way too expensive)

But we did get our share of Bonatt's famous "meltaway" sticky buns

B wanted jewelry and frozen yogurt (there, that's a hint -- cranberry)

But I wanted candy and a beach toy


We were in the bluest of the Blue states. But they are very patriotic

Flags everywhere. This person is far from home ... that's a California bear on the flag on the left

But not everyone here is rich

By now you must know we're in Red Sox Nation

A place with lots of art galleries -- see my my self-portrait in the window?

You can't see it, but down the coast of Nantucket Sound is the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport

     So we have been happy in our little town on Cape Cod, Harwichport, Mass., where we've been enjoying the sand and the water and the sea breezes. But, alas, now it's back to the 100-degree weather that awaits us in the real world.


Douglas said...

We haven't hit 100 down here yet. That temp was fairly common in the summer in Manassas and in Jacksonville. But, here in Paradise, the low 90's is about all it gets to... so long as you do not mention the "real feel" number. But no sea or gulf breezes since we are too far from either coast. Enjoy your trip!

June said...

I haven't been to Cape Cod in years, and I love it so much. Lucky you, even with your "humidity, with no air conditioning." Humidity in a place where you can go jump in the ocean is . . . DIFFERENT.

Barbara Torris said...

I cheated because I had no idea but I wanted to go there too. Bonatt's is going to be my first stop when I get there.

Have fun!


Try New Things said...

I have not been to Cape Cod in many years. You have inspired me to add it to the list....quite a lengthy list but this one definitely fits in with Trying New Things.

DJan said...

What a wonderful place to vacation! I've never been to Cape Cod or actually much of anyplace on the Eastern Seaboard, but it's not for lack of interest. Thanks for the shout out, Tom. Welcome home (when you get back). :-)

Stephen Hayes said...

I figured Cape Cod. Beautiful pics of a place I've yet to visit. Glad you're having a great time.

Jono said...

The real world is just a state of mind. said...

Lucky you to get to the beautiful seaside for a few days. Dianne

Rain Trueax said...

I got a huge surprise over twenty years ago when we were to spend almost a month in Massachusetts and the first week at Rockport while my husband was in the state for work. I had no clue how hot it could be at a beach having grown up in Oregon and Washington where the beaches are nothing like you described. I was the one in the cabin all day with no a/c but at least it had a fan. I was taking three showers or more a day. The water was as you described it also for warmth. If I ever was back there again in July or August, I'd be sure and get a place with a/c. Delightful beach and towns though.