Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall into Winter

     The Midlife Crisis Queen hosts this week's issue of Blogging Boomer Carnival from Colorado. She offers the usual links to interesting boomer blogs and introduces us to a new participant, Helene Bludman at Books Is Wonderful.

     Midlife Crisis is also "celebrating up a storm" because her blog has turned five years old. She's "loved every minute of it," she says, and has expanded her social media presence to include twitter and pinterest.

     I'm impressed. I'm a blogging baby compared to her, going on two years old, and while I do use facebook and linked in, I have yet to step into the waters of twitter and pinterest. I just do not understand why they are deemed useful or important. I have seen many tweets on the Internet -- it's hard to avoid them -- and have yet to read one that was the slightest bit interesting or informative. In fact, I find them annoying.

     Do other people feel the same way about twitter, or is this just another sign of my aging brain?

     In any case, Midlife Crisis Queen has begun using pinterest to give us a LOL minute every day, and that does indeed seem like a worthwhile use of social media. On her Midlife Mind page, she posts her favorite jokes and sayings, so go check her out if you are in the mood for a little chuckle.

     Speaking of "celebrating up a storm," it seems as if I'm right in the crosshairs of Sandy. They've been hyping it on the weather channel -- and almost every other news outlet you can think of -- but so far all we've seen here in New York is some wind. If it turns out to be anything like what they're predicting, however, we'll surely lose power, and possibly a few trees. I may have to take a forced vacation from blogging -- hopefully a short one -- but in the meantime, may everyone stay safe.



Snowbrush said...

Hey, Tom, I wish you luck there with that storm.

Olga said...

I use Pinterest like a filing system instead of like a social medium--although I do share a few ideas with friends there. I have a Linkedin account, but honestly never used it. I check Facebook once a week or so to see what my kids age up to.

Stay safe.

Stephen Hayes said...

Don't take any chances out there. Stay safe and we'll see you on the other side of this storm.

schmidleysscribblins, said...

Thinking about you and the atrocious weather that has crippled NY. Take care. Dianne

Dick Klade said...

Be careful out there. We want to be reading your blog for a long, long time.

Laura Lee Carter aka the Midlife Crisis Queen said...

Tom, you have to try Twitter and Pinterest! They're way fun compared to Facebook! - Laura Lee aka the Midlife Crisis Queen!

joared said...

Hope you've weathered Sandy okay as my family has in VA and, hopefully, only power out in NYC.

If I had a "crowd" (think teenager) I was running around town with and wanted to keep up every minute with what they were doing and where they were in case we were near each other and might want to get together I might Twitter. I could care less about about instant short thoughts people twitter or those from celebrities or national figures -- so a time waster for me.

Pinterest is a glorified advertiser's heaven to get people to pin up their interests and, again, I don't have time to waste sorting through what others put on on their pages, or adding to a page of my own.

I don't trust Facebook's forthright honesty about privacy and limit my account extensively -- never click on "likes" as get more ads everywhere else than I need -- worse than flyers that have cluttered my old-fashioned postal service mail. Don't add people I don't know firsthand. Only check account every few weeks or longer. Only two much younger family members use it, the teenager mostly but the adult rarely.

Tech worker family members don't use those programs either as they get plenty of computer use otherwise as I do with email, blogging.

I finally added Linked-In, but since am semi-retired am not interested in networking or acquiring new business so provide very little personal/professional info there, add few new people and rarely ask to be added to others.

Warren Lieberman said...

Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin WTF? No interest in sharing the minutiae of my life or learning about others petty details. Yes, I am a bit of grump.

Whatever happening to talking over a drink or dessert after dinner with real friends?

Retired Syd said...

Tom: I hope you are ok out there after the storm. I've been thinking about all of you out there--hope you can post an update to let us know that you are ok.

June said...

It looks as if you were right well in the path of the mess. I am so sorry. I wouldn't wish that horror on my worst enemy. I hope you're on the way to recovery in all ways.

Linda Myers said...

I read, mostly, on Facebook, to keep up with people I know personally.

Hope you survived the storm without any loss.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to hearing that you and your family are okay.


Tom Sightings said...

I finally have access to the internet and a moment to say I am alive and well, and to thank you for your concern. Still no power at my house, but hoping maybe later today or tomorrow. Will post when I get a chance, and also start visiting other blogs and catch up on what everyone's been doing. Ciao!