Monday, October 31, 2011

Blogging Boomers Carnival # 231

Dateline:  Oct. 31, 2011 

Situation:  Day 2 without power

Place:  Panera Bread. Table in the back room, with wi fi and a free electrical socket, and hundreds of other survivors of the October snowstorm of 2011 waiting for a table.

     Nevertheless, Blogging Boomers Carnival marches on!

     And so, we have the Accidental Locavore, who wants to know what items in your kitchen scare you. And are you haunted by parchment paper?

     The Midlife Crisis Queen is excited to celebrate four years of exposing myths and stereotypes of "what we women over 50 do, think, and believe about ourselves." She enjoys empowering others through courageous, positive, self-confident images and messages about what 50+  looks like and feels like.

     Midlife Musings says the question of what makes you happy seems easy to answer on the surface, but for midlife women who finally have the time to do what makes them happy, recognizing what happiness is may not be as easy as it seems.

      Meanwhile, the Boomer Chronicles asks a simple question (one that I bet many of us have asked ourselves along with way): Do I spend too much money on my dog?

     And Vaboomer asks another question which may or may not scare you:  Is Temperance a Good Thing? (I wonder if she watched the Ken Burns special on Prohibition?)

     Over at Contemporary Retirement Ann knows that many people say the best thing about being retired is that they're finally "free to be me." So Ann asks: What does free to be me look like for you?

     Finally, So Baby Boomer brings up a real life-or-death subject. And I'm not kidding. He reminds us that the health reform law has made some important changes to Medicare that go into effect in 2012. For Boomers approaching 65, the annual enrollment period is right around the corner and it's starting a month earlier.

      And now, while I'd like to stay and chat a little longer, the manager at Panera's has come to the back room and is telling everyone they have to unplug and make room for new customers coming in, who want a table where they can eat lunch (and access wi fi).

     So for you, go check out these links to some great Baby Boomer material. For me, it's back to my cold, dark house. And I'll update you on the storm in a couple of days.


Stephen Hayes said...

With your keen insight on so many things, I doubt you'll ever be left in the dark, power or no power!

Olga said...

The storm is just unbelievable...and we up here in the mountains have nothing. We have friends and family in CT and southern NH that have been hit really hard.

schmidleysscribblins, said...

I was thinking about you. We escaped the worst of the storm. Weird, wasn't it. Dianne