Monday, October 18, 2010

Lucky To Be Here

     I admit I've got a thing for actress Laura Linney. She's pretty; she's intelligent; she's good at her craft; and she's been in a string of interesting movies and TV shows, from The Truman Show (1998) to an HBO special on John Adams (2008). When she made the cover of the New York Times Sunday Magazine, I dived into the article with an enthusiasm usually reserved for my Sunday golf game.

Laura Linney in the movie Man of the Year (2006)  

     The story covered the typical stuff you'd expect in a profile, then the reporter got to her latest venture, a TV series called "The Big C," a new comedy about a woman battling cancer. These days, noted the reporter, Linney's thoughts "turn frequently to how lucky she is -- how lucky anyone is -- simply to experience the pleasure of being alive."

     The show, explained 46-year-old Linney, "deals with all of the stuff I've been obsessing about anyway: Time. Living. Aging. Mostly the privilege of aging." A privilege, because not everyone gets to do it.

     Her lesson:  Do the things that matter to you and take pleasure in your daily life. Eat more desserts. Spend time with your kids. Cling to those you care about.

     It made me think of the last line in Life Is a Song by Patrick Park: "I always forget how strange it is, just to be alive at all."