Sunday, April 23, 2017

Something in the Air

     Maybe there's something in the air -- something about spring and new beginnings and fresh starts. Our Baby Boomer bloggers seem to be in a reflective mood this week, taking stock of their lives and looking around to see what kind of people we have become.

    Carol Cassara at Heart Mind Soul realizes that at our age we have all grieved a loss. Or two or three. As an outgrowth of her own experience, she now acknowledges that it can be hard to understand the nature of grief, and at Grieving Too Long she offers some suggestions on how people can manage through the process.

     She goes on to demonstrate that whatever losses we may have suffered, it's never too late to start anew. In Healing Spirit Cassara explains how she has moved on from experiencing grief to starting a new venture -- one that may help you if you are having trouble moving past grief to a new stage of life.

        As for Meryl Baer of Six Decades and Counting, she never thought about growing old when she was a kid, and it never crossed her mind that she would some day be like the old folks. But it has happened, and now, at a get-together with friends, she realizes the similarities between her 60-something self and the older generation she knew and loved as a child.

     Do her revelations involve exercise and healthy eating? Or cataract surgery and hearing aids? Read about it and laugh at her post A Downside to Adding Up the Years.

     Meanwhile, Kathy Gottberg reminds us that wherever we go we bring our own energy -- our own vibration -- along with us, whether we're going to a party, talking on the phone, or just posting on Facebook. We all know this, she says, but the chances are we forget it from time to time.

     So when we encounter friends and colleagues, are we bringing our wholeness, wisdom and clarity, or are we bringing our worry, fear and pain? In her post Be Responsible for the Energy You Take with You she wonders: Can you imagine what might happen in the world if we all just paused for a moment before we spoke to another person and thought about the energy we are offering?

     Laura Lee Carter in her post Watch Out What You Wish For looks outward instead of inward. She reflects on the state of our country, what it says about our society and what we value in America today. Are we all about self-promotion and manipulating others? Is that what it's come to? Take a look at her post. You may or may not agree with her; but she will definitely get you thinking.

     And finally, Rita R. Robison blogging on the Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, points out that while Earth Day just passed us by on April 22, we still have many Ways to Help the Earth Throughout the Year. For example, you can avoid using pesticides, grow your own vegetables, drive a low-emissions vehicle, join an environmental group. Which begs the question: What did you do to celebrate Earth Day?

     Or, another way to put it: You can sit around and complain about Donald Trump or the electoral college, or any of a hundred other things. But isn't it much more effective to actually do something positive, something you believe in, even if it's only in your little corner of the world?


Jono said...

Thanks for the links! I sometimes forget how many decent people are out there and only a few typed characters away.

Celia said...

Great post and reminder. We can always take some little corner of our world and put something positive into it even if its just doing something nice for someone else.

DJan said...

Thanks, Tom! Somehow I missed a couple of these posts and now will go visit them. I spent Earth Day marching for science here in Bellingham! :-)

Stephen Hayes said...

You make some good points. I'm watching much less news these days and taking more walks.

retirementreflections said...

Great links and wise words, Tom. Thanks for sharing this. I'm off to catch some of the posts that I missed!

Anonymous said...

You read interesting blogs, and each blog makes good points.

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

Ah thanks for your excellent observation. We're now the elders of our societies and with that come wise words. All have valid points as do you for sharing how varied our view can be. It is a time that has us a bit closer to our last page in our adventure of life. I hope to make as many moments special and meaningful as possible. I started Spanish lessons and that is challenging and fun. Of coursecall the other activities also have their challenges and not loving housework much these days I have to make it a challenge to try to enjoy it. That takes a bit of oush and pull in my head and physically. I'm glad for spring as it has a possitive effect on many folks.

Still the Lucky Few said...

I too have taken note of the growing number of reflective articles posted recently. I guess we are all struggling to cope with some troubling times. I was interested in your mention of grief, having just viewed Manchester by the Sea, and its vivid representation of intense grief. Powerful film, well worthy of the awards it has won!

Jane said...

Having been a news hound, even as a child, I have pretty much gone cold turkey. Ok, npr is on every day and I generally read the local paper. However, I moved the TV out of the living room which has made a huge difference. Can't say I am more productive, but I don't miss it either.

Ashwiniaishu said...

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