Friday, January 2, 2015

Quiz: How Long Will You Live?

     When we're young, we think we will live forever. But we know it's not true. According to the Social Security Administration, roughly 10 percent of the original Baby Boomers have already died -- a few in Vietnam, many more from heart disease, cancer or car accident.

     But as we get older, it's hard not to wonder: Just how much more time do we have left? Take this quiz, based on several longevity sources, and get a best-guess estimate:

     1. Are you ...
     A) In your 50s
     B) In your 60s
     C) In your 70s
     D) In your 80s

     2. What is your demographic?
     A) White male
     B) White female
     C) Non-white male
     D) Non-white female

     3. What's your current marital status?
     A) Never married
     B) Married
     C) Divorced
     D) Widowed   

     4. Do you have a family history of cancer? (check only one)
     A) No
     B) I've had cancer
     C) A parent or sibling has had cancer
     D) More than one relative has had cancer

     5. Do you have a history of heart disease? (Check only one)
     A) No
     B) I have heart disease
     C) A parent or sibling has had heart disease
     D) More than one relative has had heart disease

     6. How do you drive? (Check all that apply)
     A) Usually in the left-hand lane
     B) Usually in the right-hand lane
     C) Over 15,000 miles/year
     D) Always wear a seat belt

     7. Do you smoke?
     A) Yes
     B) Only occasionally
     C) Never smoked
     D) Gave up more than 10 years ago

     8. How's your stress level? (Check all that apply within the past year)
     A) Serious worry about family member
     B) Death in family
     C) Divorced or separated
     D) Financial trouble

     9. Do you eat right? (Check all that apply)
     A) Lots of sweet drinks
     B) Lots of vegetables
     C) Lots of fruit
     D) Lots of carbs

     10. Do you exercise to the point of sweating?
     A) Regularly
     B) Sometimes
     C) Occasionally
     D) Never

     11. What's your education level?
     A) Attended high school
     B) Some college
     C) College graduate
     D) Graduate school

     12. Wait a second here ... how seriously can we take this quiz?
     A) It's science so I believe it
     B) Helpful but not authoritative
     C) Might inspire me to improve my lifestyle
     D) Utter nonsense

     Look for the answers and more detailed information -- and of course a few caveats -- in my next post. Meantime, Happy New Year!


Pam said...

I go back and forth on the subject of longevity. Common sense tells us if we do the "right" things, we should live longer. Then we wake up to today's headlines stating that two out of ever three cases of cancer can be attributed to bad luck? Bummer.Don't you wonder how many scientists and how many millions of grant dollars were pigeon-holed for that study? Bottom line, there's no way of knowing how long we'll live...and when you think about it, do you really want to know?

DJan said...

Okay, I'm looking forward to it. However, I think I already know the answers. At least I think I do. :-)

Stephen Hayes said...

I need a test to prove to me that I'm alive.

Tabor said...

That last question was the best of the lot!

Olga Hebert said...

Well at least I know I have to live until your next post!

scapaflo said...

Genetics, genetics and
genetics. Blessed or cursed ? The women died in their 80's the men in their 70's. Good habits or bad habits dictate quality of life. Not necessarily length. I've set my mind to hit the 90's just to be different! Bring it on !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing late eighties (my mom was 83)... or into my 90s (my dad was 94). As long as I have my marbles and am in fairly good health, I'm OK with that. So far, so good!

Linda Myers said...

An inspiration quiz. No sweet drinks for me today!

joared said...

I don't think about longevity -- just concentrate on doing what seems to be healthy. Trying to discern that information can be challenging sometimes as science discovers new facts and/or conflicting information is provided.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. As a retired demographer who worked on more than one life table, I know I will live into my 90s, and (scary thought) perhaps to 100. Of course my genes and sex up my chances.

Article today in the Post on how most cancers are just bad luck...except for those that aren' lung cancer which is affected by environmental issues like smoking, which means you can do something to help yourself in that department.

Douglas said...

Surest way to live a long time is to pick parents who will live into their 90's (at least).

Kathy @ SMART Living said...

Hi Tom! I'm just catching up on ready blog posts and saw your "quiz". While I'm curious about your answers I must admit that I'm not so worried about how long I will live--instead I want to make sure that I really "live" each day of the reminder of my life. I think so many of us focus on quantity rather than quality! How's that for an idea for another quiz?