Monday, July 28, 2014

Boomer Bloggers on the Home Front

     Right now, Baby Boomer bloggers are focusing on some issues that hit close to home.

     On Modern Senior Amy takes a look at recent Innovations in Age Friendly Products. When it comes to mobility, accessibility, and home monitoring devices times have certainly changed. The design and operation of these products reflect a different attitude about aging and staying active. Take a look at her post and share what you think about these new products and the future of design for seniors.

Three-wheel "sport" scooter
     Laura Lee aka The Midlife Crisis Queen, who recently retired to a small town in Colorado, has been enjoying her new home town this week. First she explored the ruins of an old coal mine, then she went kayaking at the state park just outside of town. 

     On the Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, turns to your bedroom and bathroom. She writes that consumers need to be aware of hidden risks from harmful chemicals in beauty products. While manufacturers have been phasing out some chemicals there are still dangers that consumers need to know about. Robison's article lists some of those chemicals and provides links to find out more about the surprising ingredients in your cosmetics and other beauty products.

     I myself am reminded of a post I did last year focusing on a book, Staying Power: Age-Proof Your Home for Comfort, Safety and Style by Rachel Adelson. The science writer (and former IBMer) points out that over 90 percent of seniors live in conventional housing, as opposed to a senior-citizen facility. Some of the benefits of staying in your own home, or "aging in place" as it's sometimes called:  It costs less, keeps you in familiar surroundings, and offers greater independence.

Useful, practical advice
     She reminds people to research the services available in your community for aging in place. Often there is more than meets the eye, including support for transportation, nutrition, fitness and entertainment.

     Her book offers all kinds of advice for age-proofing our homes. Among her suggestions:  Improve lighting in the bathroom and the kitchen, and especially on the stairs. Affix traction tape along the front edge of your stairs, in contrasting colors, to help prevent falls. Get rid of scatter rugs throughout the house. Install grab bars in the bathroom, as well as a raised toilet seat to help people with bad knees or a bad back.

     I myself enthusiastically support her suggestions, especially the one about grab bars, since I remember taking a nasty spill in my shower. I slipped as I was getting out, grabbed for the soap dish, and pulled it right out of the wall. I tumbled headlong over the side of the bathtub, crashed onto the tile floor and was lucky not to crack my head. I nevertheless gave myself a deep purple and brown bruise that ran from my waist up to my armpit, and took over a month to heal.

     Want more proof? Take a look at Gigi Hawaii's new grab bar which she posted about at Lucky Us -- demonstrating that you don't have to be old to get a grab bar. You just have to be smart!


DJan said...

Since we rent our apartment, we don't have the option to do some of the recommendations you make here, but a grab bar is already present in the shower, for future use, maybe. Sorry to hear of your spill! :-)

Stephen Hayes said...

I could use a grab bar in my shower. Anyone can fall if they get soap in their eyes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Tom. Much appreciated. I read your blog to David, and he said his co-worker lost her balance in the tub and hurt her back. She was out all week. Sorry to hear about your spill.

Sheryl Kraft said...

Thanks for being a concerned, interested and informed member of the boomer generation. We all need to keep up with the latest innovations and news!

rosaria williams said...

It's the little things around the house that will help us age in place. We had garden boxes and pots installed to continue gardening without having to bend down. What a beautiful way to grow food and flowers without the aches and pains. Our front area already had a ramp, but we incorporated bird baths and fountains to improve its looks.

We're staying in our place until we die.