Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sight Gag

      I went to a small party the other night. It was a barbecue.

     A friend, one of the party-goers, brought a sampling of craft beers produced by the company that his son works for, called Boulevard Brewing Co., based in Kansas City, MO.

     The company brews up a portfolio of specialty beers. My friend brought us four different kinds from among their offerings.

      I'm not usually a big beer drinker -- but, you know, I didn't want to be a party pooper. I tried two bottles. The first one, Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale, was pretty good.

    But it was the second one that really caught my attention. It tasted mighty fine. It was cool and smooth. It was dark and rich. And then . . . there was the name. In fact, it gave me an idea -- maybe I should rename by blog.

     What do you think? 

     By the way, did you know the word booze comes from the Dutch word bowse? But the term only caught on after 1840 when William Henry Harrison, the "Hero of Tippecanoe" ran for president. He billed himself as a common man who lived in a log cabin, and a man named E. C. Booz bottled whiskey in log cabin-shaped containers in support of the candidate. Harrison won. But Booz had the longer lasting legacy. Harrison died of pneumonia only a month after taking office.


Stephen Hayes said...

I've tried many times to get into drinking beer but I just don't like the taste. Maybe it's the hops. Thanks for that piece of trivia about WHH.

Olga said...

It was so very polite of you to go along with beer tasting so as not to ruin anyone else's party enjoyment. Such a gentleman.

Dick Klade said...

Once upon a time my young pals and I tried to drink beer faster than the breweries could produce it. We failed. They were automated, and we were not.

I reduced my consumption gradually over the years and came to prefer dark beers. Now I find an occasional two beers definitely is my limit, and it's better if I stick to the light stuff. Darn.

June said...

That's a party I would have had to avoid. Wouldn't matter what it tasted like or what the label looked like, it would've been GONE!
I do not miss those opportunities to embarrass myself. ;-)

DJan said...

I love beer, the hoppier the better. But I don't indulge very often, because beer seems to be the best day to add inches to my waist! Wish I didn't like it, either. :-)