Monday, May 23, 2011

Blogging Boomers Carnival # 208

     This week's Blogging Boomers Carnival offers a variety of possible pairings. If you think you saw Big Foot last night, maybe you got too much glare from your headlights. For healthy herbs, would you travel to France, or search in your own backyard? And if you aren't too critical of yourself, if you don't expect perfection, then maybe you could start a new business in your retirement.

     Okay, I'm reaching here. Nevertheless, check out the links to these blogs for some interesting perspectives on what Baby Boomers are doing today.

     The Boomer Chronicles, where a 50-something Baby Boomer "examines midlife crisis, ennui in America and other compelling ideas," admits that she is obsessed with Big Foot and sometimes lets her obsession run wild. She offers a tale, with a link to backup reports, called Big Foot Sighted in Ohio.

     So Baby Boomer, which offers tips for "confident and independent Baby Boomers," uncovers the truth about our aging eyes. His guest author, a doctor from Bausch + Lomb points out in Boomers: Keep Your Eyes on the Road that driving at night can be one of the trickiest times for maturing eyes as headlights from oncoming traffic create glare and halos, making it difficult to see. (Boy, do I know about that one!)

     The Accidental Locavore, a blog about fresh, local foods, wants to know:  What Does a Locavore Eat in the South of France? (Does it have something to do with les amuse bouches (which is the only French cuisine term I know)? You'll have to go visit the Locavore to find out.)

     At Vaboomer there's a bit about Intuition and Herbs. Do we know which plants to use?

     The Midlife Crisis Queen in her entry How Do You Determine Life Success? wishes we could all give ourselves a break when it comes to self-criticism and expectations of perfection.

     And if you're one of the many Boomers who thinks they'll never be able to afford to retire, you might be interested to know that Ann at Contemporary Retirement has a new blog. Check out her blog entry 100 retirement business ideas. Then click on her link to the new blog. There are 20-some ideas up at the moment, and she's adding more all the time.



Kay Dennison said...

Bigfoot has been running around Ohio for ages! I just want him to go to Columbus and straighten up our goofy governor. He was seen down here a couple years ago.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Thanks for the interesting links, Sightings! I'll explore them right away. said...

I m not a boomer and don't understand them very well. Dianne

Robert the Skeptic said...

Wow, Big Foot is in Ohio?? Come to think of it we haven't seen him for quite a while up here in the Pacific Northwest. Wonder if he flew or walked?

I've seen those books/articles/etc. listing businesses one can start. It seems to me, though, the businesses that really take off are the ones that nobody ever thought of before.