Saturday, December 18, 2010

Good News for Guys

     Well, now there's at least one place in the world where you never have to drink alone. In the Ukraine. A company with the there-must-be-something-lost-in-translation name of "Kind Fairy" hires out people to be your drinking companion. (There's no indication the service is involved in the gay community, or engages in any sort of prostitution.)

Hey, it's a job
     The charge for an evening of high times is about $18 -- which would seem to confirm that it's all above board -- although at that price it's doubtful the fee includes the price of drinks. The head of the company, a woman, suggests the simple payoff for customers is that the service provides cheap therapy.

     If you're not looking for a drinking buddy, but instead are searching for a job, maybe this will give you an idea!

     But if you're an older fellow, like me, maybe you don't need that job anyway. Another report, from Live Science, says that psychologists in Scotland have found that as women become more financially independent, they are drawn to older men.

     Conventional wisdom says that women search out mates who can provide them with financial security. Maybe that's why women get revved up by a guy with an expensive sports car. It's a symbol of his ability to fuel their lives with the finer things in life. But apparently that high-end sports car does not turn the heads of well-heeled women. They have more self confidence, and the freedom to choose who they want. And apparently what they want are older men, who they view as more secure and more powerful.

     One caveat about women's preference for older men, however. They still do like men who are attractive. So if you're older, but not particularly good looking -- well, then, maybe you can hire yourself out as a drinking buddy!


Kay Dennison said...

You're talking to the wrong older women!!! I'll take smart over handsome any day!!! I found you at Nance's blog and decided to popover and say, "Hi!" Welcome to the blogosphere!!! Long may you rave! Stop by my place and say hello. I don't always rant on politics. Mondays are 'groaner' day and other days address whatever bee is in my bonnet. LOL

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Sightingsat60 said...

Thank you very much for introducing yourself, Kay, and also for the advice. Hope to be seeing you again here, and if it's okay I'll be visiting your blog as well.

I also hope it's clear this item is entirely tongue-in-cheek. But you bring up an interesting question: which is more appealing to the opposite sex, beauty or smarts?

Anyway, my next item, The Night Visitor, is entirely serious, even spooky . . . or at least it was to me. Thx. again!